TV review: When the queen almost collapsed - Lucy takes the jungle crown

First of all, the most important question: What does 'finale' mean in English? With reservation: 'Finally'.

TV review: When the queen almost collapsed - Lucy takes the jungle crown

First of all, the most important question: What does 'finale' mean in English? With reservation: 'Finally'. According to Tim, anyway. Only, as some people outside the jungle probably know, 'finale' doesn't mean 'finally' in English, but simply 'finally', and 'finally' instead means 'finally'. And to be honest: it's somehow fitting, because finally, finally, finally - even in view of the traditionally somewhat slow announcement - the anniversary crown was awarded. After the quite surprising expulsions from the previous day, this decision was as expected as it was deserved.

But before the victorious champagne, the jungle god, as always, had set a number of small and large events. First of all, Fabio and Mike were accompanied on their walk to freedom. Shortly before, Mike dropped one of the biggest bombshells of the final (or is that finally?) weekend: "That's it for reality TV!". But while the practical staff were already being called together in the offices of the affected editorial teams to put emergency plans in place, the all-clear was immediately given: "No," Mike quickly added, almost seeming to close the two or three seconds between worlds a little enjoy. Go on. Back to Life. Back to Reality TV. Finally.

You could immediately see that you could get by at the counter of a medium-sized burger roaster with English skills à la Tim: Mike successfully ordered meatball rolls and fries and a handful of nuggets. This is what freedom tastes like. Eat one more time before Kim talks to you again. Fabio's route, on the other hand, led straight to the hotel; instead of roasted aromas, there was whiskey and cigars from his loved one. Not much else was possible at first, because before Darya could deal with Fabio's newly starved six-pack, Lord Mief was sent into the shower. Cuddling yes, but the wet dog has to stay outside.

Meanwhile, everyone in the camp was happy that the Fakälvattich would be lighter than ever before thanks to the sausage kings' departure. The little sanitary joys in the camp, shortly afterwards things got a lot bigger for the trio of Lucy, Tim and Leyla. First of all, Twenty4Scream had to bed down in a coffin-like pit and fumble the stars out of the side under the weight of millet and several snakes. He was somewhat relaxed about the fact that one of the pretty reptiles defecated (vulgo: pooped) on him. It wasn't the first time either. The reward: five stars. That's converted into shillings, sorry, into luxury foods: three starters, one iced tea. And eye pads. Young people have ideas.

After Tim's test called "Footwork" it was then called "Energy" for Lucy, in fact an energy performance in which they squeeze, among other things, fish, camel, pig and cattle eyes into a glass and then drink the liquid had to. This happened as naturally as with Jungle Hoenig the week before. And while the bull's penis and pig's uterus still fit in, the crocodile's heart turned out to be too big, Lucy's return: four stars.

Well, there's still Leyla - and she looked passionately good for a long time in the "Passion" test, even if she was strapped to an oversized plate and was gnawed by maggots and worms and covered in intestines and entrails until she was completely shocked , original sound, “p***ed in the pants”. But when spiders and scorpions were announced, the end of the line was reached. Even though there was less than a minute and a half left on the clock, she abandoned the test and had to go back to camp, crying and covered in cockroaches, to change into a fresh pair of panties.

At the traditional jungle dinner, delicacies such as bruschetta, burgers and kebab were on the menu. Here, too, Lucy proved to be a queen in the making, with beef tartare in the main course, which visually didn't even seem that far away from goat intestines, fish fart and pork snout. If it's okay.

Then the decisions were made, as always dramaturgically drawn out, until it was finally – FINALLY! – one thing was certain: Tim had to go first and “learned a lot about himself” in the camp. Leyla wanted the jungle crown on her "little egghead", but as vice queen she had to leave the field early. And Lucy, Queen Ludmilla, Your Highness in Your Eyes, was finally able to enjoy prosecco, a crown and a scepter, which she deserved. But not without spiraling into such pre-hysterical panic at the newly announced decision that Dr. Bob probably already had the Pschyrembel in his hand to look up “measures for gasping.” But it wasn't quite so wild after all and that ended a highly entertaining anniversary camp with Lucy Diakovska as the deserved winner. Finally a six-figure amount to squander again. And Leyla still has to go to Aldi without a crown.

We'll read it again next time. If there is any truth to the rumors, maybe even this year.

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