TV review "The Bachelorette": The Lara Croft of love: Bachelorette Jenny turns the candidates into action heroes

"Oh Maaaannn," curses the down-to-earth Baro right at the beginning of episode three.

TV review "The Bachelorette": The Lara Croft of love: Bachelorette Jenny turns the candidates into action heroes

"Oh Maaaannn," curses the down-to-earth Baro right at the beginning of episode three. The "Bachelorette" contestant, who we just named season sympathizer, doesn't think Bachelorette Jennifer is the right woman for him and is planning to leave the show as a result. But because he's a man of honour, apparently with a . . . poem? Or a rap? In any case, he is concentrating on scribbling poetry on a piece of paper, reading over it again and exclaiming happily: "Whoa, that's good!"

Every professional writer in the world would bitterly envy him his positive attitude towards his own work. As punishment for so much self-love, Baro then finds out that his pen has run out and his hands have turned blue over a large area. Hence the curse.

However, the burly man from Cologne is promptly among the seven men who are invited by Jenny to the first group date of the episode. It goes to a Thai beach bar, where together with two stuntmen their "own action film" is to be practiced and shot. What RTL probably found funny: Behind the counter there is a "real" actor, unrecognized: Markus from Starnberg tries his hand at acting in Los Angeles and joins the group after Kinan (see episode two) as the second surprise candidate. However, the boy has such an absurd hairstyle and attitude that one briefly wonders whether it is Christian Ulmen in a 1A mask or an emissary from Jan Böhmermann.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group practices hand-to-hand combat poses on the beach, Jenny obviously gets along well with Jesaia, while daddy-type David (is 25, looks like 55) has to put a lot of effort into being noticed by her. In one of the scenes, a candidate is supposed to save the bound Jenny from two attackers - and the rescuer is allowed to (film) kiss her. The bachelorette chooses Isaiah as the savior and also expressly says that so far she can only imagine coming so close to him with him. Sounds like a big compliment. (In the end it's just a nice courtesy kiss.)

And finally, surprise candidate Markus also has his "big" appearance. Of course, that's another small moment of shame: He's allowed to smack a competitor over the head with a fake bottle. "Hi! I'm in too!" he crows. Jenny takes him aside for a moment to ask him about his key data, calls him "handsome man" and seems somewhat taken with him. The single date afterwards goes to Fynn. Somehow Jenny seemed to have put the guy with the weird haircut on the positive list from the start. She still only finds good words for him, even if the flrt show veteran is more of medium-deep things. After the two hung out on a lounger and in the pool, he enthusiastically sums up the date: "You, me, something to drink – done!"

Another lucky guy who gets to go on a singles date with Jenny is Pedro the next day. The bachelorette flies with him in a helicopter over the turquoise ocean and chats and chats ... but romance doesn't really come up. Pedro - nice but boring. Things get really bad later when they're both lounging on the beach. The young man can't get a straight sentence out, the Bachelorette correctly calls it "exhausting". It's almost sweet again to watch and listen to this catastrophe...

And to make this strange date even better, the rest of the gentlemen are allowed to crash it in the evening: when Jenny and Pedro are strolling along the beach, the hooting horde joins them. Pedro, however, seems a little relieved. Jenny, however, gets from bad to worse: First, Kinan scolds her because he didn't like how flippantly she revealed the existence of her child to him on the last night of the roses. huh? The bachelorette praises his honesty, but you probably won't get any plus points that way. And then comes the Duisburger Kaan and reveals that he has never been in love, but Jenny could be the one. Subtly overwhelming, but somehow sweet.

And then newcomer Markus dances up and wraps Jenny in his L.A. arrogance slime. Definitely makes a more negative impression than - we are amazed ourselves - Adrian, who actually says sensible things and apparently goes down well with Jenny. After all the dating, she finally has a little crisis of meaning, cries and misses her son. Before the next night of roses, however, she can at least cuddle with him extensively, which is why she is reasonably together again in the evening. At least enough to grab a glass of cream liqueur and get through one superficial chat after the next with casual resignation.

Which brings us to Baro. He wanted to use this evening and reveal his doubts to Jenny. And get off. He rants about a "two-fold sword". But he probably changed his mind: He tells her, somewhat patronisingly, that he has decided to get to know her better. And forget that the format of the show still leaves that decision primarily up to The Bachelorette. And she doesn't really have a heart for Baro. As much as we like him - unfortunately the two really don't harmonize. Besides, he embezzled his poem!

Well, when the roses are distributed, the result is accordingly ... not at all surprising. Baro and Kinan have to go. The former got tangled up in his own plans and feelings, whether they existed or not, and the only thing that caught the eye of the latter in the short time he was there was that he was rude to Jenny. It's fair to say that the Bachelorette makes solid decisions.