TV Comebacks: These shows came back this year

This year, many well-known TV shows from the old days celebrated their comeback.

TV Comebacks: These shows came back this year

This year, many well-known TV shows from the old days celebrated their comeback. While viewers could hardly wait for one or the other format, others were surprised. After a long break, these programs have made it back onto German TV.

Britt Hagedorn (50) celebrated her comeback on October 24 with "Britt – Der Talk" on Sat.1. It is therefore an integral part of the station's new afternoon programme. From 2001 to 2013, the show ran Monday through Friday at 1 p.m. In the meantime, the talk show host can be seen in a double episode at 4 p.m. despite poor ratings. "In my talk show I am constantly confronted with different and very different situations," said Hagedorn in an interview with spot on news. Now Hagedorn must come up with something to keep her new slot.

"The 100,000 Mark Show" with Ulla Kock am Brink (61) has returned to RTL after more than 24 years. Two episodes have aired so far, in September and October. The prize was paid out in German marks and then converted into euros. The game show seems to have gone down well on Twitter. The users only preferred the broadcast date to be on Saturday rather than Sunday evening.

TV judge Barbara Salesch (72) has been hitting the table again since September in her program "Barbara Salesch – Das Strafgericht" on RTL. Since 2012, peace had returned to the courtroom at their original broadcaster Sat.1. Since September 5, the 72-year-old has been seen again from Monday to Friday at 11 a.m., treating new cases. In advance, Salesch revealed in an interview with spot on news: "I just want to deliver a well-done and exciting show. And then the viewers decide." The judge's tactic seems to have worked, because the show is well received by the audience and is rewarded with high ratings in the target group.

From 2004 to 2015, celebrities competed against each other in individual and synchronized jumping in the “TV total Turmsprung” event. The format returned in June and moved from ProSieben to RTL. Jan Köppen (39) took over the moderation there together with Laura Wontorra (33) and Frank Buschmann (58). Köppen even dared to do a suit from the 10-meter board for the format. In the end, gymnast Philipp Boy (35) won the single jump. "Ninja Warrior" stars Stefanie Edelmann and Moritz Hans were at the top of the podium in synchronized jumping. The ratings of the show were also convincing. ProSieben, on the other hand, also celebrated a sporting comeback of a "TV total" format: The "TV total Wok World Cup", once created by Stefan Raab (56), took place in Winterberg in November.

In October, a successful comedy sketch show from the 90s returned as a once-planned comeback: "RTL Saturday Night - The Reunion" lured viewers in front of the television just as it did from 1993 to 1998. The ratings for the big gala show with the stars from back then were good. This was followed by "RTL Saturday Night - Mirco Nontschew Spezial". Mirco Nontschew (1969-2021) was part of the regular cast of the Saturday night show. The comedian died on December 3, 2021 at the age of 52.