Tips for a stylish business trip: On a business trip in style

How many outfits do I need? How is the climate? Packing for vacation can be stressful enough.

Tips for a stylish business trip: On a business trip in style

How many outfits do I need? How is the climate? Packing for vacation can be stressful enough. Not to mention preparing for a business trip. There are often additional considerations to be made as part of a business trip, from the variety of events to the different dress codes. Sometimes professionalism has to be maintained at events outside of business hours, which makes putting together the wardrobe even more complex. But don't worry, with a few tips you can pack your suitcase for your business trip stress-free and appear stylish.

When packing for a business trip, it's best to think in advance about what events are coming up during the business trip and what type of clothing is appropriate for them.

Special tip: plan an outfit for each day and take one or two additional options for unforeseen events. For example, a formal business meeting requires an elegant pantsuit or suit, while an informal evening reception may require a smart dress.

Clothes that are easy to combine and suitable for different occasions are perfect for a business trip. For example, a classic sheath dress that can be worn both in the office and at a dinner with clients. Or well-fitting trousers that can be combined with both a blazer for formal occasions and a chic top for more informal events such as an after-work drink in a bar.

When packing, make sure your clothes are made of materials that don't wrinkle easily. Wrinkle-free fabrics such as wool, silk or polyester are ideal for business trips as they still look good even after you pack them in your suitcase. If possible, you should avoid materials such as linen in your suitcase as they tend to wrinkle quickly and look untidy.

Special tip: A hand steamer can be worth its weight in gold on business trips to get wrinkled clothes smooth again. A steamer uses steam for smoothing and usually fits in every suitcase.

It's the details that matter: the right shoes and accessories complete a chic business look. A pair of comfortable but stylish shoes are essential for long days of appointments. It's best to choose shoes that look good with your business wardrobe and are easy to combine. Accessories such as a classic handbag, a chic necklace or a fashionable scarf can also add the finishing touch to the outfit.

Special tip: It's best to always stow jewelry and accessories in your hand luggage when traveling on a plane. This way you can also style an outfit in style if your suitcase gets lost.

Packing made easy: If you often go on business trips, you should definitely invest in a high-quality suitcase with various compartments and organizers to keep the packed clothes tidy and wrinkle-free. If you roll clothes instead of folding them, you not only save space but also avoid wrinkles. Packing cubes or bags also help to organize clothes for the business trip and make optimal use of the space in the suitcase.