Tips: Advent calendar for men: twelve creative models to give away

While it used to be customary to give away an Advent calendar filled with chocolate, nowadays the content cannot be unusual enough.

Tips: Advent calendar for men: twelve creative models to give away

While it used to be customary to give away an Advent calendar filled with chocolate, nowadays the content cannot be unusual enough. Although the individual gift ideas are clearly reflected in the price, you also get a lot more for your money. Especially when there are expensive treasures behind the 24 little doors that will last for a longer period of time. If you are still looking for a suitable advent calendar for men, you may find what you are looking for among the twelve models below.

Anyone who likes to solve puzzles and is a big fan of crime novels will have great fun with this escape advent calendar by Eva Eich: Behind the 24 doors are 24 tasks (including help) that have to be solved by Christmas - to close the exit Find. An exciting game adventure for the Advent season. The calendar is here.

Even if the official barbecue season doesn't start until summer, there's nothing wrong with throwing on the barbecue for the rest of the year. Die-hard BBQ fans are no exception - which is why this advent calendar is a welcome change with its 24 different chilli and BBQ sauces that can spice up any dish (grilled or not). The calendar is here.

This advent calendar is a nice gimmick for men who like to do manual work: it contains, among other things, a screwdriver, various bits, a spanner, a bottle opener, a double spanner and three new products. As the contents are shown on the back cover, you must remove the packaging before gifting the tool calendar. The advent calendar is here.

By far the most expensive advent calendar in this series is this model with 24 spirits from different countries and distilleries. This gives rum lovers the opportunity to test different varieties (20 ml each) without having to buy a whole bottle. Whether alone or with friends: the rum tasting at home is a real taste experience for everyone who really appreciates a fine drop. The calendar is here.

The next Star Wars film will probably not be released until December 2023 due to the ongoing corona pandemic. This Advent calendar from Lego is a nice distraction for all those who are impatient: Behind each of the 24 little doors is one of eight figures (Rose, Rowan, General Merrick, Battle Droid, Death Trooper, Rathtar, Guavian Security Soldier and IG-88 Droide), a Spaceship or equipment from the Star Wars universe. Great fun for Lego fans! The calendar is here.

For everyone who likes to snack, this calendar offers real nibbling fun: 24 different delicacies from well-known brands such as Chio, Ültje, Funny Frisch and Pom Bär will spoil the days until Christmas. Whether chips or peanuts, ringlets or goldfish - with this calendar you can nibble through Advent. The portions are between 20 and 100 grams per door, so the snacks are suitable for several people. The calendar is here.

For all those with a sweet tooth, there is the right counterpart, filled with delicious sweets that some of you probably remember from your childhood in the 80s or 90s: from licking mussels and tutti frutti to chewing gum tubes and crazy dips. The advent calendar takes you on a nostalgic journey into the past - even to the GDR, if you like: This variant includes products from the East. The calendar is here.

This advent calendar offers a particularly nice idea: In contrast to the other models, it only contains one gift - spread over 24 little doors: the purpose is to build a fully functional FM radio. The individual parts required for this are in the calendar and are assembled step by step. You do not need any prior knowledge for this, so the gift is suitable for every man. The calendar is here.

Of course, the classic version should not be missing either: an advent calendar filled with the finest chocolate. However, it can be a bit higher quality than the standard variety from the supermarket - like the delicious creations from Lindt, for example, made of different chocolates with delicious fillings. The treats sweeten the time until Christmas for 24 days in a row. Of course, there is also a dark or whole milk variant. The calendar is here.

Anyone who likes to drink beer should be particularly happy about this advent calendar: filled with 15 German beers (including Zwönitzer Rauchbier, Wicküler Pilsener, Gilden Kölsch, Kulmbacher Edelherb Pils, Henninger Pils, Gude Anstich) and nine beers from all over the world (e.g. Tsingtao, Hite Pale lager, Tuborg Pilsener, Pilsner Urquell - there is something for every taste. This special kind of beer tasting comes in a gift box with an elegant wooden look and is a real eye-catcher. The advent calendar is available here.

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