Timothée Chalamet: Exciting facts about the “Dune 2” star

Hardly any male film star is currently as popular as Timothée Chalamet (28).

Timothée Chalamet: Exciting facts about the “Dune 2” star

Hardly any male film star is currently as popular as Timothée Chalamet (28). With his co-stars from "Dune: Part 2" (in theaters February 29th), the American-French actor is currently making red carpets all over the world unsafe. And there's no question about it: Chalamet's acting performances are definitely impressive. But there are also a few other facts to know about the New York native.

Already in 2021, Timothée Chalamet convinced the sci-fi audience of Denis Villeneuve's (56) book adaptation "Dune", which is based on "The Desert Planet" by Frank Herbert, as the - at that time still shy and hesitant, but also courageous - film hero Paul Atreides. In part two, Villeneuve brings Paul's dark side to life and Chalamet has to prove his versatility once again, which the actor more than succeeded - and not for the first time.

Timothée Calamet has been in front of the camera since he was 13 years old. After studying cultural anthropology at Columbia University and acting at NYU, he took on his first small roles in television series, including "Law

But Hollywood didn't take long to arrive. In 2014, none other than Christopher Nolan (53) knocked on Chalamet's door, who cast him as the son of Matthew McConaughey's (54) main character Cooper in the sci-fi drama "Interstellar". After one or two smaller roles, for example in 2015 in the Christmas comedy "Every Year Again - Christmas with the Coopers", Chalamet finally landed the leading role of Elio in "Call Me By Your Name" in 2017 - this was to change his life forever.

Together with Armie Hammer (37) alias Oliver, Chalamet portrayed a homosexual love interest in the drama. There were consistently positive reviews for his performance. He was also the youngest actor since 1940 to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category.

He didn't get the golden boy back then, but many more roles in major film productions and acceptance into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences followed. In 2017, Chalamet was seen in "Lady Bird", followed by "A Rainy Day in New York" (2019), "The King" (2019) and finally Greta Gerwig's (40) "Little Women" (2019). Between "Dune 1" and "Dune 2", Chalamet then slipped into a supporting role in the star-studded Netflix hit film "Don't Look Up" and that of the famous chocolate maker in "Wonka" (2023).

Chalamet also has a talent for languages. So he didn't just learn Italian for his star role in "Call Me By Your Name". Due to his ancestry, he also speaks French fluently. Because his mother is American and his father is French, which meant he grew up bilingual. He also spent many summers in France during his childhood. His origins are also reflected in his names: his first name Timothée is the French version of Timothy, his middle name Hal represents his US roots and Chalamet is also of French origin.

As a heartthrob, it's no surprise that some famous celebrities are also on Chalamet's ex list. For example, he made headlines because of a liaison with Madonna's (65) daughter Lourdes Leon (27) during high school. He was later seen several times with Lily-Rose Depp (24), the daughter of Johnny Depp (60) and Vanessa Paradis (51). Since September 2023, Chalamet has been dating beauty influencer and Kardashian clan member Kylie Jenner (26). They first appeared together at a Beyoncé concert, later at the US Open and finally at the Golden Globes in January 2024.

By the way: Nothing is going on with his “Dune” actress colleague Zendaya (27). The two only make a couple on the big screen. Privately, however, they are good friends, as the acting stars have emphasized several times in interviews. In an interview with "GQ" magazine, Chalamet even raved about Zendaya's relationship with "Spider Man" star Tom Holland (27): "They are good Hollywood."