Tie-dye trend: It's going to be colourful: These tie-dye looks are hot this year

Colorful batik patterns were already very trendy in 2022.

Tie-dye trend: It's going to be colourful: These tie-dye looks are hot this year

Colorful batik patterns were already very trendy in 2022. And again this year you can see the pastel-colored looks behind many shop windows of popular fashion brands - or in numerous online shops. The bright colors exude the right feeling and bring a certain lightness with them. Whether it's dresses or swimwear, T-shirts or leggings, skirts or shorts: the hottest batik trends are conquering the world's catwalks again. The looks that will be popular in 2023 are listed below.

1. Bold colors Even if classic batik trends are mostly colorful, muted colors are in trend in 2023. The minimalist looks are elegant and fashionable at the same time. But don't worry: pastel-colored batik looks are of course still popular: whether baby blue, mint green or soft pink - anything that's fun is allowed. And even bright colors - above all pink and yellow - are in demand this season.

2. Classic patterns Nothing has changed in the batik patterns this year: Frayed circles, narrow or wide zigzag lines adorn pretty much every piece of clothing - and that's a good thing. After all, they are the result of the special tie-dye technique, i.e. the tying and dyeing of textiles. The classic patterns last set new trends in the 90s and will probably do so again in 2023.

3. Light materialsSince we increasingly wear short clothes in the warm months, most batik trends also come in light materials: Thin fabrics such as viscose or cotton blends are particularly popular, while water-resistant textiles are mostly used for swimwear - for example polyester or Nylon, as in this Floerns brand bikini set.

Due to the many colors and patterns, a tie-dye look can quickly bring unrest into an outfit. For this reason, here are the most important dos and don’ts:

Combine tie-dye patterns with subtle colors. For example, if you wear a bright top, a pair of simple shorts goes well with it. If you choose a colorful dress, the knitting years above may come in light colors (preferably one that can also be found on the dress). Always ensure a balanced mix.

If you rely on a combination of batik patterns and basics for your outfit, that does not mean that your accessories have to be kept simple as well. Quite the opposite: whether jewellery, a bag or shoes - here you are welcome to reach for bright colors, which ideally can also be found in a tie-dye look.

On the other hand, a wild mixture of different patterns is not really fashionable and an absolute no-go. In other words, don't wear tie-dye looks in combination with textiles that have dots or dashes, lines or circles on them. As a result, the whole outfit usually seems far too intrusive and restless.

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