The truth: Halberstadt Pottsuse reloaded

real-socialist "Feeling" in Hoyerswerda: As Sahra Wagenknecht with a clever business idea to your Burn-out has been overcome. Illustration: Dorthe Landschul

The truth: Halberstadt Pottsuse reloaded

real-socialist "Feeling" in Hoyerswerda: As Sahra Wagenknecht with a clever business idea to your Burn-out has been overcome.

Illustration: Dorthe Landschulz

For Surprises, Sahra car farmhand, the former bearer of hope of the party of The Left, often well. In March 2017, they confessed the time's magazine, that it was thanks to her Liaison with Oskar Lafontaine "less vulnerable" than in the past, half a year later, she told the FAZ that they make up a private "very little", and in July of 2019 you made with a "Burn-out confession," in the journal SuperIllu in the headlines. Last week, the latest blow of the hammer is done: Sahra wagenknecht and Oskar Lafontaine moved to Hoyerswerda and opened in the Saxon district town of a devotional trade for DDR products.

"Sahra's shop" is the name of the shop where there is everything that makes the hearts of nostalgic-minded socialists beat: Club, Cola, jelly, borscht, Solyanka, Letscho, rice plates, cucumber jelly, crispy flakes, foam sugar figures, Tangier mouths Nährstangen, sweetened condensed milk, light man-shaped cookie cutter, the North houses double grain, Köstritzer black mustard, beer and much more.

A special Renner the Bautz a spread on Bread in the flavors of the vegetables-mustard, garden herbs-mustard and egg-mustard. And, of course, the range also includes classics such as Halberstadt Pottsuse, Breakfast meat in the jelly coat, NVA field soup, the legendary crème de menthe "Pfeffi" and the good old three star-braised cabbage, its non the memory of the ex-girlfriend of Schlemmer institution, the same is likely to smell with so many Man hours in the jugendwerkhof Hummel grove or in Casino siteleri the prison of Bützow Wake.

Fresh Chinese pirated copies of martial needles of the National people's army and medals for excellent services in agricultural production co-operatives have arrived. "It really feels to be sixty, seventy years back," says a pensioner with a Ganglion, and a specially from Dresden travelled house wife rejoices: "Ähnfach groußahrdch!"

At the fresh meat, sausage and fish counter Sahra car supports servant the clientele personally with marinated gold broilers, Döbelner Bock sausages in natural bowel, Russian cod liver, Riga sprat paste, and Knuckle of pork in aspic, while from the speakers to the ceiling, a Medley of Golden Oldies, the Puhdys and the fight songs of the working class is heard: "each Wind, day and night, / the Red young front holds the Controls. / Drum, young rednecks, man for man, / join the Red young-front ..."

At the antediluvian cash register, Oskar Lafontaine sits in a slightly too tight uniform jacket of the people's police

the average age of the customers is according to the first surveys of 82,7 years, but Sahra car hopes servant to be Betcup able to hot "Bückware" from the West, soon, the Generation of the Sixty - to seventy-year-olds attract. On the farm three pallets of VHS tapes of movies from the era of the policy of détente are already prepared: "The yodel, the leather pants", "Spa season itchy panties in a Dirndl", "Two mate in Tirol" and "hunting the sharp chamois". And who can boast a full discount stamp booklet, which beckons as a loyalty bonus, a woody Reprint of the 1971 vintage of the magazine-key hole from the Heinrich-Bauer-Verlag.

In the antediluvian cash register, Oskar Lafontaine sits. He's wearing a too-tight uniform jacket of the people's police and the way it has the rest, although the queue of buyers, as it winds through the entire Store and out to two house corners around.

"old man is not a D-train," he says with a grin and looking at a package of anti-welding by means of Odorex a full three minutes after the price tag, before it will show the number with the right finger in slow-motion enters.

After closing, he explained in a round of selected journalists at a well-filled Cup Rosenthaler Kadarka and a glass of root Peter is the underlying strategy: "You have to pick up the people where they are. If you are in the Store, we want to convey to you the feeling to be whole again, so in themselves as young people, for whom the snake be a basic experience. We step on the brake, so that our core voters will have the opportunity to, while shopping, talk to each other and to develop a sense of community that is denied of the major discounters. For this reason, we even conduct artificial supply shortages brought about ...“

Empty shelves gape currently, especially where the proven Milwa curtain salt, handy prefabricated finished parts and the polishing paste Elster-gloss should be stored. But also tropical fruits, a blatant deficiency, the welding is the of destiny customer base, no doubt close together there.

And that's not all: From next Thursday, a real highlight is once a week on the program, because then Sahra car farmhand on an improvised catwalk between the emergency exit and a match hardened replica of the GDR people's chamber, various trousers, skirt models from the bankruptcy of Renaissance Dress creations. Significant event character of shopping also receives, if Lafontaine kicks one or the other shoplifter with uppercuts, Karate and a stun gun for auger power.

perfect real-socialist "Feeling", which has limited the managing Director of shop opening hours on two afternoons in the week and some veterans of the Stasi tasked to examine the ideological reliability of the customer. Anyone who appears suspicious will be subjected to in a soundproof basement room being questioned for hours, and in the case of permanent insubordination, the Russian secret service transferred.

Local Church circles, criticizing this practice and calling for a "round table", where you wagenknecht and Lafontaine-to-speech can provide, but the inhabitants of Hoyerswerda have no interest: For you to Sahra's shop "'s" after a short time the pivot of public life. "With this business," so many say, "Mrs Wagenknecht us unsorre Idendidät widdorrgegähm! Danggescheen!“

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Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 01:36