"The Summer House of the Stars": These couples have already won

Who will be the "Celebrity Couple 2022"? The seventh season of "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" (8:15 p.

"The Summer House of the Stars": These couples have already won

Who will be the "Celebrity Couple 2022"? The seventh season of "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" (8:15 p.m. RTL and RTL) starts on September 7th. Which celebs have emerged as winners in past editions?

The first season of "The Summer House of the Stars - Battle of the Celebrity Couples" took place in 2016. Princess Xenia von Sachsen (36) and Rajab Hassan were the first winners of the RTL show and got the title "Celebrity Couple 2016". In the final they competed against Thorsten Legat (53) and his wife Alexandra, among others, and scored points in the game "Money and Love". The men had to guide their blindfolded partners through the game. However, the winning couple, who welcomed a son in 2015, split a few months after triumphing on the show.

Season two in 2017 was decided by Nico Schwartz (44) and Saskia Atzerodt (30). Nico Schwartz already had TV experience before the "summer house", for example with "I'm a star – get me out of here!", And Saskia Atzerodt is also no stranger to TV. She was a contestant on "The Bachelor". Even before participating in the RTL show, the two had an on-off relationship. After her triumph, Tail Atzerodt proposed marriage. But the wedding never happened. The final separation followed a short time later.

In 2018, the "Bauer sucht Frau" couple Uwe (56) and Iris Abel (54) won. In the final of the third season it was against society lady Shawne Fielding (53) and former ice hockey professional Patrick Schöpf (53). After living with the other couples for 17 days, the farmer and his wife seemed to still have the most energy. The two are still together today. The pig farmer, who last took part in "Celebrity Big Brother", and his current wife met and fell in love in 2011 while filming "Bauer sucht Frau". Iris moved from Munich to Dötlingen for him. The wedding followed in 2013.

Despite a lot of bitching, the "Love Island" participants Elena Miras (30) and Mike Heiter (30) have shown that they stick together as a couple. In season four, they prevailed. For the 50,000 euro prize money, Heiter had to put up with insulting his girlfriend in front of the camera in the 2019 final. After the victory, she seemed to have forgotten everything and hugged him.

The two met on the dating reality show Love Island in 2017. Miras won the show, but not with Heiter, but with her then chosen Jan Sokolowsky (33). After the show, the relationship with Sokolowsky broke up and Miras got together with Heiter. With him, the Swiss had daughter Aylen in August 2018. The relationship lasted until September 2020. Both reality show participants are now happily taken again.

In November 2020 they won the race: TV emigrants Andreas (55) and Caro Robens (43) prevailed against Diana Herold (48) and Michael Tomaschautzki (49). Not only did the two offend with their competitors, there were also a few arguments between them. In the final, however, they delivered a performance as a strong duo.

In December 2020, the couple crowned their successful year with a special celebration: Ten years after their wedding, they tied the knot for the second time in Mallorca. Some former "Summer House of the Stars" participants did not want to miss the special day of their colleagues: Ex-"Bachelor" Andrej Mangold (35), the YouTubers Lisha and Lou as well as Annemarie Eilfeld (32) and partner Tim Sandt were present at the ceremony. The Robens met in Mallorca in 2010 and married shortly thereafter. They have been accompanied by the VOX program "Goodbye Germany" for several years.

From the beginning, actor Lars Steinhöfel (36) and his friend Dominik Schmitt (32) were able to convince with their sympathetic nature in season six. For blogger and flight attendant Schmitt it was the first time in front of a television camera. The couple were able to prevail against Sissi Hofbauer (26) and friend Benjamin Melzer (35).

After her participation, the two got engaged. In an interview with RTL, they revealed that they had promised themselves a romantic trip to Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. Schmitt was the one who asked. They also confirmed the engagement on their private Instagram profiles and shared a photo of themselves from Paris. They wrote: "Every love story is beautiful - but ours is my favorite story."

And who is in the "summer house" of the seventh season? These couples are now fighting for 50,000 euros: ex-jungle camp candidate Kader Loth (49) and her husband Ismet Atli (51) and ex-soccer pro Mario Basler (53) and Doris Büld (52).

The other celebrities who rise to the challenge are the "Bauer sucht Frau" dream couple Patrick Romer (26) and Antonia Hemmer (22), "DSDS" cult candidate Cosimo Citiolo (40) and Nathalie Gaus (31), ex "Celebrity Big Brother" candidate Eric Sindermann (33) and Katharina Hambuechen (27), YouTuber Marcel Dähne (28) and Lisa Wienberger (24), soccer player Sascha Mölders (37) and wife Ivonne Mölders (42) and ex-"AWZ "Star Stephen Dürr (47) and Katharina Dürr (39).

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