The phenomenon 'Champions' arrives on the scene

They are stage animals.

The phenomenon 'Champions' arrives on the scene

They are stage animals. David Ottone (Yllana) says so proudly, referring to Gloria Ramos and José de Luna, two of the actors in 'Champions of comedy', the show, written by David Marqués, directed by the creator of Yllana and It will be presented at the Marquina Theater on the 17th. Gloria and Jose have Claudia Fesser, Alec Whaite, Alberto Nieto and Emilio Gavira as co-stars. The comedy is a consequence of the film 'Champions', one of the greatest successes of recent Spanish cinema, in which the two actors -also Alberto Nieto-, with intellectual disabilities, were two of its protagonists.

Gloria and José are very different; discreet she, expansive he.

"We have gone to Cuenca, Valladolid, Valencia, Alicante, Orihuela" they list, proud. With 'Champions of comedy' they make their theater debut, but when asked if they like the stage more than the sets, they respond in unison and with laughter: "Both!"

«As a child, since I was seven years old, I wanted to be an actor, says José. “Me too, since I was a little girl,” adds Gloria. Javier Fesser's film gave them the opportunity: she has been seen in the series 'La que se avecina' and 'Merlí', and he in 'La casa de papel'.

José de Luna begins to say that it is 'Champions of comedy' «The play is...» Gloria tries to help: «It's a department...», but he interrupts her. "Nope. Wait... In the play we live in a supervised apartment, where Claudia [Fesser] is our tutor. and she teaches us to live together... And a mess is formed »...« But very fat », Gloria points out while sketching a mischievous smile, which turns into laughter when her partner adds: « There is a lianta here ... "

And it is that this lianta is none other than the character of Gloria, who has been talking to a representative of actors for some time -both want, as in real life, to be artists- through a dating app; but she is using a photo of Claudia without her knowing about it. "The truth is that people are liking the show a lot," says José, and Gloria completes it: "They get up from their seats, applauding."

David Ottone, the show's director, looks at them with almost fatherly pride. “Tomorrow I am going to San Sebastián de los Reyes to an immigrant center,” José tells him. «They are both very active -clarifies the director-. Gloria works three days a week in a store on Gran Vía, and José is the ambassador of Rivas, where he lives».

They have, say the two actors, "no complaints" about Ottone; «I know the script by heart», presumes José. "Me too," protests Gloria, who tells a trick that an actor from 'The Lion King' taught her days ago. "You have to put a pen in your mouth, and that way you remember the text."

Acting, for them, is a very serious game. "We had a great time," they agree. In the cinema and television they have the possibility of repeating if they make a mistake, but not in the theater. That doesn't scare them. "We do it all in a row and we push forward." «We feel safe because we have a team that treats us very well and is attentive to us: David, Luis Sancho, the producer; technicians..."

«You are stage animals -Otne compliments them-, you grow when you come into contact with the public. They love acting and they carry it inside. Laughter motivates them but, they say, they don't lose concentration... «Well, once -José confesses a little embarrassed- I laughed a little at a sentence... I started to laugh...» «But he never gets nervous - the director points out. He is always prepared, without nerves ».

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