The Masked Singer: The Seahorse had to break the camouflage

In the fourth week of "The Masked Singer" (ProSieben, also with Joyn) there was prominent help from hit star Beatrice Egli (34).

The Masked Singer: The Seahorse had to break the camouflage

In the fourth week of "The Masked Singer" (ProSieben, also with Joyn) there was prominent help from hit star Beatrice Egli (34). For the seahorse, "The Masked Singer" adventure was over. Did the kangaroo know who was under the underwater animal's mask?

Pulsating eyes and huge wings: the shoebill entered the stage with impressive plumage. "This is someone who has a lot of stage experience, a professional singer," were Rea Garvey's (49) thoughts. Beatrice Egli suspected that the ketchup bottle that could be seen in the shoe beak could point to the Swiss or Austrian flag and thus came to the Swiss singer Luca Hänni (28) and the Austrian Conchita Wurst (34). Ruth Moschner (46), this time wearing a pink wig, brought Kim Frank (40) into play, the singer of the band "Echt".

At first there was dissatisfaction with the terry elfie about the last performance, the stage fright was too big. This time the sewn elephant wanted to improve. "That was your best performance," said Rea Garvey. Dancers in monitor costumes were on stage next to the terry cloth. For Ruth Moschner, that was a reference to TV presenter Melissa Khalaj (33). In addition, the differently colored legs could indicate two hometowns, which would also suit the presenter with Iranian roots. Or is it maybe a pair of twins taking turns in the costume? Beatrice Egli had this idea, who saw a big difference between last week's performance and the current one. Therefore, the influencers and twins Lisa and Lena (19) were considered for the pop singer.

The little hedgehog sang Rick Astley's hit "Never Give You Up" for her father, who kept a watchful eye over his daughter's performance. Ruth Moschner then researched famous daughters of famous fathers. That's why her guess went to Inka Bause (54) or Stephanie Stumph (38). The rest of the team agreed.

At the circumstantial evidence of the toast, it was revealed that the slice of bread was struggling with his toaster. A separation of the two was inevitable. What celebrity could this refer to? "The toaster could be Mats Hummels," concluded Beatrice Egli. Accordingly, Cathy Hummels (35) would be under the toast costume. Or is it the ex-couple Dieter Bohlen (69) and Verona Pooth (54)? The rate expert came up with this idea. Rea Garvey wished Martina Hill (48) under the slice of bread.

Already last week, Rea Garvey was sure who must have disguised himself as a seahorse. "A thousand percent," as the pop star explained, meaning Anna Loos (52), the wife of Jan Josef Liefers (58), who was revealed to be a kangaroo in the first episode. This was also the opinion of the spectators in the voting. With the song "Jolene" and a strong voice, the underwater creature once again delivered an outstanding performance. So it was clear to everyone that the seahorse had to be a professional singer. Ruth Moschner had an assumption that caused astonishment at first. Dunja Hayali (48) was her tip because the presenter could sing well, wouldn't like the color pink and wasn't a fan of glitter either. The seahorse is so dazzling that Dunja Hayali could be underneath it for contrast and a special surprise. Beatrice Egli suspected a "No Angeles" singer rather than seahorses.

As expected, Diamantula again delivered an impressive performance. The guessing team agreed on the spider creature, which describes itself as profound and melancholic. It must be a singer from the Kelly Family, like Patricia Kelly (53). “You get a voice like that when you have to make yourself heard, like in a large family,” Beatrice Egli confirmed this assumption.

The seahorse, the toast and Elfie, the terry cloth elephant had to worry about getting ahead. But in the end the seahorse had to defoliate. As the viewers and Rea Garvey had long suspected, Anna Loos was under the costume. Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel (52) asked the question that was burning under everyone's nails and checked whether Jan Josef Liefers and she knew about their respective "The Masked Singer" adventure. Of course, the couple knew about each other's participation, revealed Anna Loos.