"The Masked Singer": Nobody expected these stars

On Saturday, May 6th, ProSieben will broadcast the finale of the eighth season "The Masked Singer" live from 8:15 p.

"The Masked Singer": Nobody expected these stars

On Saturday, May 6th, ProSieben will broadcast the finale of the eighth season "The Masked Singer" live from 8:15 p.m. Then the final celebs in the costumes will be unveiled. Viewers and the guessing team find out whether their guesses were correct. In recent years, candidates have repeatedly succeeded in creating real moments of surprise when they are unveiled. Because nobody expected them. Some resorted to tricks to disguise their participation and mislead everyone.

In autumn 2022, the actress caused similar reactions to pop singer Marianne Rosenberg (68) as a mushroom: Nobody guessed that Jutta Speidel (69) was the walrus on stage. The prominent raters Ruth Moschner (47), Carolin Kebekus (42) and Eko Fresh (39) had guessed a more mature actress. They named Beatrice Richter (74), Iris Berben (72) and Tina Ruland (56). But they hadn't thought of Speidel - much to their delight. When she finished eighth, she said: "It's nice how everyone was on the wrong track. I really enjoyed that."

The moderator Annemarie Carpendale (45) took sixth place as Teddy in autumn 2021 and goes down in the history of the show: She probably had the most stress for her participation. Because immediately afterwards she moderated "red." and conducted interviews with the eliminated stars on stage. That's why nobody suspected that she would be part of "The Masked Singer". In the "Promipool" interview, she said: "There are only two people at ProSieben who somehow believed that we could do it! Thanks for that, it was a huge adventure!"

Few of those involved knew that Carpendale danced across the stage in costume before her "red." moderation. "My husband, my make-up/styling - it wouldn't have been possible any other way. And a key person at 'red.' needed to know too, to keep the others at bay." She then always distracted all the other colleagues with excuses. On her Instagram page, the presenter celebrated her sixth place: "It was so much fun leading you around for four weeks."

Carpendale's ProSieben colleague Thore Schölermann (38) also came up with a number of ideas in order to be exposed as late as possible in spring 2021. The "The Voice of Germany" presenter finished fifth as a monstronaut and had fooled everyone to keep it secret. He took deception via social media to a new level. Even Sarah Engels (30), winner of the third season, had pre-produced cooking videos uploaded during the live show. Thore Schölermann posted an Instagram story from home while he was watching the show.

He revealed to "watson.de": "The first post was a repeat of the show, which I skilfully filmed and the second time I was actually at home very quickly when I got on after my performance. I live in Cologne, the way home doesn't take long. So I quickly went to bed, took off my shirt and then continued watching 'The Masked Singer'. That worked." Because he really wanted to cover up his participation after Rea Garvey (49) brought him into play. "That gave me an incentive to lure people even more down the wrong path."

Secrecy is very important for "The Masked Singer", because of course it shouldn't be known before the unveiling which celebrity is in the costume. Otherwise the excitement of the show would be lost. But that was exactly the biggest challenge for the moderator and entrepreneur Sylvie Meis (45) when she participated as an alpaca in autumn 2020: "It was very difficult to keep it secret. I hate lying, but I had to keep it to myself. My husband knew from the start and of course my manager. I hid it from everyone else," she said in an interview with the news agency spot on news. That means: Not even her son Damian (16) knew about it!

The native Dutchwoman also tricked Instagram for this. So she wrote "Dinner at home" for a photo, although she was already in the studio at the time. Nevertheless, one detail betrayed her: Bülent Ceylan (47) guessed Meis because of her small feet. "The advice team mentioned my name, but they weren't really convinced. In the end, it was a surprise for everyone," said the native of Hamburg, who liked to remember her appearance on her Instagram page.

As a robot, Caroline Beil (56) made it to sixth place in spring 2020. And her name wasn't mentioned once during the show! Since she presented very good opera singing, nobody thought of the presenter and actress. On her Instagram page, she was happy after her surprising revelation: "The guessing is over! Now it's out! I'm the robot !!!"

Interest in the music show continues to be high. More than two million viewers tune in regularly. The seventh season finale on November 5, 2022 was watched by 2.29 million people.