"The Masked Singer": Black Mamba shows true identity

The joint duet of Rosty and Mole started on the ProSieben show (also with Joyn).

"The Masked Singer": Black Mamba shows true identity

The joint duet of Rosty and Mole started on the ProSieben show (also with Joyn). The two performed a song mix of "Felicita" and "Amore Mio". How good that Giovanni Zarrella (44), an Italian language expert, was on site. The pop singer confirmed the perfect Italian pronunciation of the two masked people. The mole caused further confusion among the clues. With the statement "only save the world for a moment", Ruth Moschner (46) and her team did not let themselves be lured onto the wrong track, towards Tim Bendzko (37).

It was clear to the guessing trio that someone sporty had to be hiding under the costume, because the mole jumped around on the stage and put on an energetic dance routine. Stefanie Kloß (37) reminded the mole of the drummer in her band Silbermond. Like the mole, Andreas Nowak (39) has a close relationship with his grandmother. "Although I think our drummer sings too badly," Stefanie Kloß quickly had doubts again.

The robot first appeared as Rosty. Last week, the costumed man finally got his long-awaited name, which viewers had chosen for him. Still very happy about that, the cheerful Rosty sang the hit "Happy". With Rosty, the advice team agreed that either Rick Kavanian (51) or Bully (54) should be under the mask. Rick in particular was very popular with everyone. However, Giovanni Zarrella threw another name into the running. Ralf Bauer (56) could also have disguised himself as Rosty, because the actor is also a singer and speaks Italian to him.

A toothpaste smile returned with the tooth fairy. But before the steep tooth stood alone on stage, there was a duet with the Black Mamba. They sang the appropriate song "The Beauty and the Beast". Is the Tooth Fairy's Dutch accent fake? The opinions of the rate team differed on the question. But the assumption was obvious to everyone that it had to be a professional singer. Loona (48), Chantal Janzen (43), but also Patricia Kelly (52) were considered. The guessing expert had many question marks on the face of the tooth fairy's duet partner, the hypnotic Black Mamba. "That's really the biggest mystery," Ruth Moschner had no idea. On the other hand, GZSZ fan Stefanie Kloß had a direct guess and guessed Felix von Jascheroff (40).

There was a particularly unequal duet with the angry werewolf and the cute Goldi. The two got into a wrestling match on the "The Masked Singer" stage and sang the song "Born to be wild" around their ears. "A bit like before washing and after washing," Ruth Moschner noticed when she saw the light-colored Goldis and the grey, torn werewolf.

Even in his solo performance, Goldi hadn't lost any of his cheekiness. Furthermore, the fluffy creature did not want to be called "cute" under any circumstances and would have preferred to take off his mask. Therefore, the Maulige hoped to be voted out by the spectators in this round. "You're really the sweetest creature of the evening," explained Giovanni Zarrella, causing the greatest insult to Goldi. The little bear presented the song "Looking for Freedom" on stage, after which David Hasselhoff (70) was immediately excluded from the rate team. But who could be behind the dissatisfied Goldi? Armin Rohde (67) was sent into the race, although there was also a tendency towards Hape Kerkeling (57), Ingolf Lück (64) and Ingo Appelt (55).

While Goldi continued to be in a bad mood, there were big changes in the werewolf. In the last few weeks, the werewolf wanted to spread fear and terror, even dismantling the stage decorations during his performance. After all, the mythical creature had made a pact with the devil. But the favor of the audience had inspired the werewolf so much that he preferred to be a friendly creature. Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel (52), who was embraced by the werewolf, also felt it. "Could that be Florian Silbereisen?" Ruth Moschner wanted to know from Giovanni Zarrella. But the singer let this assumption come to nothing, because his Schlager colleague had his own live show running on Saturday evening. Joko Winterscheidt (43) was also tipped, but Stefanie Kloß was not convinced of that. "It can't be Joko because he can't sing," explained the Silbermond singer. Everyone on the rate team could imagine Rea Garvey (49) as a werewolf. To find out, Ruth Moschner pulled out her cell phone and called the "The Voice" coach. "Don't you have to work?" Was Rea Garvey's first question on the phone, who was said to be at a family celebration. But Rea Garvey was not completely out of the circle of suspects. After all, the singer could have made a secret phone call backstage.

Goldi, Black Mamba and Rosty were the three masks who had to tremble for progress. In the case of the Black Mamba, it was time to "skin" and shed the camouflage that evening. When voting, the spectators shared the same opinion as Stefanie Kloß and gave Felix von Jascheroff the number one spot. Rightly so, because the "GZSZ" star was actually under the Schlagen costume. "The biggest fear I have is of snakes," revealed Felix von Jascheroff afterwards, but that's over now, because "The Masked Singer" was the best therapy.

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