"The Geissens": That's what the family appreciates about Dubai

"The Geissens - A Terribly Glamorous Family" returns.

"The Geissens": That's what the family appreciates about Dubai

"The Geissens - A Terribly Glamorous Family" returns. On January 2, 2023 (every Monday, 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei), the Geiss family celebrates the 21st season of their docu-soap. The millionaire family will start off in London. "The city is always a challenge, of course we're not used to the weather at all," says Robert Geiss (58), who lives mostly in Monaco and St. Tropez with his wife Carmen and daughters Davina and Shania, in a family interview spot on news. "It's also a bit old world and if you come there from the modern and, for example, the Arab region, then it's always a change." However, the city is always worth a visit. "There are great clubs and restaurants and you can do great shopping."

On their trip, the Geissens also followed in the footsteps of the Royals, as Carmen Geiss (57) reports. "I'm a big Diana fan. We went to the restaurant where she always ate pizza, highly recommended, and we even got to see her old apartment where she lived before she became a princess. That was great." , she tells of a special visit to the British capital. The apartment was even up for sale, "that would have been a way of getting a foothold in London, but it's not necessarily the city where we want to feel at home," explains Robert Geiss.

Daughter Shania (18) agrees with her father: "A few days of vacation, yes, but we couldn't live there. The wet and cold weather is not for us." It is also dangerous there in many places, adds Davina (19), who has already got to know London's nightlife with her sister in the past. When it comes to his daughters going out in general, Robert Geiss is "pretty relaxed. With Monaco and St. Tropez, we live in relatively safe places most of the year." The family knows a lot of people there, the children grew up there and are familiar with the area, adds the 58-year-old. "In Monaco we walk home and in St Tropez we have a special taxi driver who takes us home all summer," says Davina. Mother Carmen was also in contact with him, "but she still doesn't sleep until 5 a.m., until we get home. She always opens the door for us (laughs)."

Despite the many trips, Monaco feels like home, says Robert Geiss. "We've spent half our lives there, we have everything there. That's where our cars are, that's where our money is," he explains with a laugh. St. Tropez will then be the second home for the family - and in 2023 another one could be added, the head of the family reveals. "Carmen is pushing for a home in the south where it needs to be sunny in winter. That's when we looked at Dubai." In addition to the weather, she appreciates the safety and the gastronomy there, explains Carmen. "It's just the new world. Everything is very busy there and people are interested in new developments. There are start-ups and the right investors on every corner." Her husband adds: "You can tell there's a new beginning, action, something's going on. In Germany, on the other hand, you often only find pessimism, negativity and envy."

While their parents consider a new family home, Davina and Shania make plans of their own. "We're going to have our own show, 'Davina

She ignores critical comments or haters, says Davina, and her father explains: "We taught the children in good time that you shouldn't react to such comments at all, then they take it off. If you don't read them like me, you get it she doesn't even come along." For her, the haters are now part of life and are also important, says Carmen Geiss. "They enliven the picture. I always find it fascinating: If I don't like someone, then I don't usually go to their page at all, so there must be a lot of interest."

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