The effect of the messenger substances: Pheromone perfume: That's what the attractive scent is all about

Tastes are different and so is the sense of smell.

The effect of the messenger substances: Pheromone perfume: That's what the attractive scent is all about

Tastes are different and so is the sense of smell. While some people tend to prefer sweet scents when it comes to perfume, others cannot smell them at all - in the truest sense of the word. As different as tastes are, so is a person's own smell. A pheromone perfume should underline exactly that and even be able to have an attractive effect. We explain what it's all about and which scents are worth using.

A pheromone perfume, as the name suggests, contains pheromones. These are messenger substances that can underline the individual smell. So instead of applying a "foreign smell", he emphasizes what the body produces itself and can even subconsciously increase attraction. Because messenger substances in nature are a signal for a willingness to mate and compatibility. So if you emphasize your own odors with a perfume instead of overthinking them, you may be able to find out who can really "smell you good".

Bochum researchers only discovered a few years ago that human pheromone receptors are also activated by scents. This is actually only known from the animal world for mating. In humans, they are less pronounced because evolutionary pressure has eased, according to the explanation. However, at least the VN1R1 receptor apparently reacts to an odor molecule called hedione. This is synthetic. It is said to activate areas in the brain that control drives (the limbic system) and that are responsible for hormone regulation (hypothalamus). According to the researchers, the latter region is said to be activated much more strongly by the odor molecule in women than in men.

Pheromone perfumes try to address the pheromone receptors with their ingredients and thus have a stimulating effect. Pheromone perfumes for women usually contain messenger substances such as estratetraenol and copulin, variants for men usually androstadienone. But there are also unisex versions.

Whether and how strong the smells are ultimately attractive cannot be said in general terms, it is controversial and certainly different from person to person. In addition, it has not been proven that the pheromones used in the perfumes actually address receptors, let alone influence human behavior.

Since a pheromone perfume smells different for everyone and unfolds differently, it is impossible to make general statements about the scents. They are by no means harmful. But there are perfumes that emphasize the natural smell to a greater or lesser extent. And: They are usually pleasantly discreet and individual. The following perfumes have performed well with customers and are often recommended.

So that the chemistry is really right, you can rely on exactly this: with a molecular fragrance by the Danish perfumer Zarkoperfume, for example. This self-proclaimed unisex "DNA fragrance" unfolds in a completely individual way and can give the original smell a special note without covering it up.

Phiero and Phiero Night perfumes contain messengers and attractants that are tailored to men and women. Phiero Night is therefore available for women and for men with a correspondingly different composition. Androstadienone, estratetaenol, androstenol and androstenone are included in the variants, for example.

TikTok trends aren't always the real deal—that's nothing new. This pheromone perfume was also hyped on the platform for a while: the Pure Instinct Roll-On. It is available as a roll-on for women and in a unisex version and it is a perfume oil. On TikTok, many users said that the fragrance should have a particularly seductive effect.

"Iso-E-Super": That's the name of the fragrance molecule contained in this Eau de Parfum by 365 Days for men, which is intended to emphasize your very own body odour. As a result, a man doesn't smell too strongly, but rather naturally and subtly, like himself - and at best attracts exactly the person opposite who is taken with it.

In order for the effect of a pheromone perfume to develop as best as possible, it is best to apply it to pulsating areas of the skin: areas such as the neck, behind the ears and on the wrists are particularly suitable. In addition, the perfume is also suitable for combining and can be applied together with your favorite fragrance, as the smells usually don't get in each other's way.

Source used: Ruhr University Bochum

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