“The Crown”: This is what fans need to know about season six

The successful Netflix series “The Crown” is entering its final round.

“The Crown”: This is what fans need to know about season six

The successful Netflix series “The Crown” is entering its final round. Or not? Rumors about a possible sequel or film spin-offs have been circulating for months. Fans need to know these facts and rumors about season six:

Netflix will release the sixth season in two parts. The first four episodes can be seen from November 16th. Part two with episodes five to ten will be available from December 14th, as the streaming service announced.

With the release date, Netflix also presented a new teaser for “The Crown”. It shows Imelda Staunton (67) aka Queen Elizabeth II. There is also material from former Queen actresses Claire Foy (39) and Olivia Colman (49). The series retells the Queen's story from 1947. Claire Foy played the young queen in seasons one and two, Olivia Colman then took on the leading role, before Staunton took on the role of the monarch in season five.

In the short, new clip, which is intended to give a foretaste of season six, the young queen, who can be seen giving a TV speech, explains: "The crown is a symbol of stability. The monarchy is something that you are, not what you do." It goes on to say of Colman as Queen: "It always comes at the expense of your own personality. We have all made sacrifices. You should come to terms with it. It is a duty."

The clip then cuts to Staunton in costume before she steps out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace, asking herself: "But what about the life I gave up? And the woman I neglected?"

The marriage of Prince Charles (Dominic West, 53) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki, 33) has failed. A tender relationship develops between Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed (Khalid Abdalla, 41), which comes to an abrupt end with a tragic car accident.

Netflix continues to say about the new episodes: After the death of his mother, Prince William (Ed McVey) is trying to get back into life at Eton, "while the monarchy's reputation in public opinion has suffered greatly. Reconsidered on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee the Queen "the future of the monarchy". Also seen in season six is ​​the wedding of Charles and Camilla (Olivia Williams, 55) and the new love of William and Kate (Meg Bellamy).

According to the streaming service, season six of “The Crown” covers the life of the Queen and her family from 1997 to 2005, during the term of Prime Minister Tony Blair (Bertie Carvel, 46). Also there again are Lesley Manville (67) as Princess Margaret and Jonathan Pryce (76) as Prince Philip.

Meanwhile, it's not entirely certain whether fans will have to say goodbye to "The Crown" forever with the final season. Rumors about sequels or spin-offs keep doing the rounds. British media have already claimed that the series could return as a film series after the final season. An insider told The Sun: "Although this sounds like a drastic change, it was one that proved to be a huge success for Downton Abbey (...)." A prequel or a film about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and how they fell out with Prince William would supposedly be possible. But according to rumors, a seventh season of the series is not yet completely off the table.

However, the closer the series gets to the present, the more criticism there was. A controversy arose at the start of the fifth season when prominent figures criticized the portrayal of the characters and demanded a notice to viewers that it was a fictional series.