"The Conners": D.J. Conner leaves the series

Michael Fishman (40) stops at "The Conners".

"The Conners": D.J. Conner leaves the series

Michael Fishman (40) stops at "The Conners". As "TVLine" reports, the actor will no longer be part of the fifth season of the "Roseanne" spin-off. Fishman has starred in the original series since 1988 as D.J. Conner, the Conners' youngest son for a long time. Fishman was also always present in the "Roseanne" revival of 2018 and the subsequent spin-off.

Michael Fishman recently made himself rare on "The Conners". He has only appeared in 36 of the 71 episodes so far. Instead, he focused on working behind the scenes. Fishman directed five episodes.

Jayden Rey (13), who plays DJ's daughter Mary, remains on the series. However, she is likely to be downgraded from a lead role to a guest star. Maya Lynne Robinson (50), who played DJ's wife Geena, left the series after the first season. A return of Michael Fishman is not planned, but according to "TVLine" the door remains open.

Michael Fishman played from the second "Roseanne" episode to David Jacob Conner, known as D.J. He replaced Sal Barone Jr., who had impersonated the role in the series' pilot. After the end of "Roseanne" in 1997, Fishman only worked sporadically as an actor. Instead, he worked in a day care center, among other things.

In 2018, the now adult Californian returned to the series for the "Roseanne" revival. After leading actress and producer Roseanne Barr (69) maneuvered herself out with a racist tweet, the series continued without her as "The Conners". The fifth season of the spin-off will start in autumn 2022.

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