“The Bachelors”: Follow at your own risk: The Bachelors use these five tricks to get women

It's the final spurt for the bachelors.

“The Bachelors”: Follow at your own risk: The Bachelors use these five tricks to get women

It's the final spurt for the bachelors. The fitness disciples still have a tight training plan before they can name their Miss Universe: Every pair of lips has to be examined and every tongue tasted. Luckily no one has herpes, it would be a red card and would spread faster than the coronavirus. It is still unclear who will be the chosen one in the end, because: Dennis and Sebastian seem to feel “a deep inner connection” with almost every woman. Both are very well received by the candidates. Here are her five clever womanizing strategies from the current episode. Imitate at your own risk.

The fact that food on bare skin is ideal for romantic purposes has been known at least since a legendary episode of the RTL reality show “Mitten im Leben”. In 2012, actor Sebastian delighted his girlfriend Michaela with a special surprise: he was lying on the coffee table wearing nothing but socks and underwear, with a family portion of spaghetti Bolognese spread over his upper body. Michaela happily ate the evening meal.

Unfortunately, Bachelor Dennis doesn't have enough creativity and culinary knowledge. But when candidate Nadia announces in the new episode that she is warm, an idea comes to him in view of the champagne cooler. He grabs an ice cube and runs it over her forearms, neck, upper body - and straight to the target: the two kiss. It's a shame, because Dennis could have shown a little more ingenuity on the day or on his body. He admits the ice cubes are a cliché. Maybe the candidates expect canned ravioli in their belly buttons or maki sushi on their chests on the dream dates - inspired by Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City", who wanted to surprise her boyfriend as a human bento box. After all, the poor women on “Bachelor” can’t feed themselves just from the champagne cooler all day long.

Dennis swims with Nadia in a cage in the sea, with immature sharks doing their laps around them: an ordinary date with the “Bachelors”. Looking at it almost makes you feel uneasy. Not that a cute baby shark bites its teeth on the cage bars, runs away from the bachelor in a panic and ends up as a problem shark. Luckily nothing happens to the sharks. Dennis, in turn, uses the pseudo-danger to heroically protect Nadia in the cage. The tactic works. There is a kiss as thanks.

Mansplaining, i.e. when a man thinks he has to explain things to a woman without being asked, is one thing. Macho mansplaining, when a man explains to a woman things that she knows for a long time or perhaps even better than him, is another. It can still be successful, as can be seen from the example of Dennis. In the latest “Bachelors” episode he invites you on a driving school date. His chosen ones are allowed to race around in the car one after the other, especially in circles. “You like?” asks Dennis Trampoline-Rebecca in the passenger seat. And then: “Would you like me to show you that too?”

What exactly he wants to show remains a mystery. Because in order to drive back and forth and left and right and forward and back like Dennis, you don't need a driver's license or driving knowledge, as small children on bobby cars regularly demonstrate impressively. Not even a low Batida de Coco level would be necessary.

Trampoline Rebecca smiles politely, only to immediately take the wheel and do better than Dennis. With him it was “like Fast and Furious,” she enthuses. More like the castings of the subsequently rejected applicants for “Alarm for Cobra 11” because of drunk driving. But the main thing is that Dennis' driving skills are enough to impress not just trampoline Rebecca. Afterwards, competitor Lissy and Dennis snog on the sofa, which was once again randomly placed in the middle of nowhere. It takes so little for a dome show.

The Bachelors know the sentences that literally drive women crazy. Kim is very decent, she tells Sebastian on the date. “Do you do naughty things too?” he asks. Then Kim notices that the conversation sounds “like in a bad….” She quickly raises the level again: "Don't you think men are actually hunters? How did you get used to everything coming by itself?" “Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted,” replies Sebastian. Communication is “like a game of ping-pong,” says the bachelor. He apparently attributes the subsequent kisses with Kim to his rhetorical skills.

Dennis, on the other hand, reaches a new level of intimacy with candidate Nadia, far away from ice cube skills. The two realize that they have something in common: both want children and a house. Nadia says she has always been interested in real estate. She is also talented with her hands and can use a spirit level. “A deep conversation,” says Dennis. That's worth it. For him too, deep talk leads to a kiss.

The Bachelors know the art of the perfect compliment. Dennis doesn't just convince candidate Lissy with flattery. If you're lacking inspiration, you can use the Bachelor's romantic treasure trove. Here are the most original declarations of love from Dennis and Sebastian from the current episode:

"I met a very funny Kim today, that surprised me." Sebastian about Kim

"A cute bottom. The physical attraction is there."Dennis looking at Nadia's bottom

"You're a beautiful girl."Dennis to Lissy "You're beautiful."Dennis to Lissy

"You're cute."Dennis to Lissy

"You are a very interesting woman." Sebastian to Eva.

Eva's answer: "Thank you too!"