"The Bachelorette" and more: These dome shows have been announced

From July 12, "Bachelorette" Jennifer Saro (27) is looking for her dream man (8:15 p.

"The Bachelorette" and more: These dome shows have been announced

From July 12, "Bachelorette" Jennifer Saro (27) is looking for her dream man (8:15 p.m. RTL, from July 5 also via RTL). While the popular RTL dome format is already in its tenth season, the broadcasters have also announced new formats for dating and love in recent weeks.

From August, the program “My Mom, Your Dad” will start on VOX and RTL. In it, single parents should get a new chance at their happiness in love. Your children can have a say in this. While the parents move into a shared house, the offspring can have a say behind the scenes and influence what is happening. Then it will become clear how they deal with their parents' attempts at flirting and their choice of partner and may not give their blessing. Amira Pocher (30) leads through the show.

In autumn 2023, ProSieben will show "Der Heiratsmarkt", based on the US dating show "Marriage Market". In it, singles leave the choice of partner to their parents or other family members and trust their assessments. In Croatia, they talk to other parents and get an idea of ​​the other singles. Together, the families and singles move into a house for a few days to get to know each other and to test the potential of the possibly new couple. However, everything could change again at the next "marriage market" and the cards could be reshuffled. Annemarie Carpendale (45) accompanies the special love journey as a moderator.

Another experiment will be started at VOX in 2024. In "Save the Date - Who do I marry in 50 days?" want to marry three singles in 50 days. On the way to the wedding, the right partner must first be found. The station accompanies the participants on their dates and the preparations for the wedding and in the end it turns out who and whether the singles all say yes. The format is moderated by Jana Ina Zarrella (46), who has already moderated dating shows with "Love Island" and "Let's Love – A Hut Full of Love".

A special love test awaits the participants of a new dome show on Sat.1. In "Stranded on Honeymoon Island", which is the working title, newly formed couples will have to prove themselves in everyday life on an island. After a ceremonial pledge of allegiance, the two are stranded on a deserted island for two weeks. "Honeymoon Island" becomes a relationship test: on the one hand, the couple has the chance to get to know each other through friends, family and social media without external influences, on the other hand, a possible island tantrum can become a crucial test. The format comes from Snowman Productions, which is also responsible for the Sat.1 dome format "Marriage at First Sight".

The reality show "Stranger Sins" (RTL) promises eroticism in particular. Eight couples will face a sex experiment in Mexico and live out their own erotic fantasies. A couples expert helps them find the courage to take the step and process the emotions. According to the announcement, the experiment could lead to an emotional connection between the couples, but also raise issues such as jealousy, fear and ego issues. It could even put relationships to the test.

In addition to the newly developed formats, fans can look forward to further seasons of well-known formats. The 19th season "Bauer sucht Frau" is scheduled for RTL in autumn. In addition, dating fans can look forward to two Ü40 specials from "Take Me Out" with Jan Köppen (40). A "Boys Boys Boys" special is also planned again. The XXL primetime editions will again be moderated by Chris Tall (32) and are planned for spring 2024.

After Yeliz Koc (29), another single lady will test single men in a second season of "Make Love, Fake Love" (RTL) to find the right one. In addition, new seasons of "Temptation Island", "Prominent Separated - The Villa of the Exceeded", "Ex on the Beach" (all RTL ) or "First Dates Hotel" (VOX) are secured.