"The Bachelor": The first kiss is accidental

Also in the fourth week of "The Bachelor" (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.

"The Bachelor": The first kiss is accidental

Also in the fourth week of "The Bachelor" (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL) David Jackson (32) has a special idea for his admirers: They should choose for themselves who suits them best. The chosen one gets a premature rose. No bachelor has made it so easy for himself.

After the secret vote, Leyla (26) and Chiara (26) are shortlisted, in the runoff the girls choose Leyla, who certainly has the most girlfriends in the villa thanks to her honest, planned nature. Colleen (27) treats her to the rose, but also suspects: "It was a bit of a sympathy choice."

Shortly thereafter, David is already unannounced in the door. "It was super interesting to see all the ladies without make-up!" David wants to talk to the winner, but she is totally unprepared: "May I get some chewing gum because I just ate an onion salad..." The "Date" is a picnic within sight of all the other women and is taking shape "a bit heavy", as David thinks. Leyla is so nervous that she can't get a word out. David: "There has to be a little more."

The next day, Giovanna (27), Jana (27), Tamara (29), Xenia (30), Chiara and Jetty (25) get their chance to ensnare the bachelor at a private party by the pool. There are brief downtimes with Jetty and Giovanna - but who David really wants to hang out with is revealed at the end. He kidnaps Chiara to a pavilion with massage tables and offers her a "bachelor's massage", for which even the bikini top is opened. "Very, very, very, very, very, very early on, a lot of physical contact," says Chiara, but she is not dissatisfied with it.

Then the roles are swapped, Chiara sits on the bachelor and massages his back. In addition, there are a few words of wisdom, which impresses David once again: "I'm fascinated that she's ready at 26. [...] You want more of it." The other women, who are a few meters away waiting impatiently for the fiddling to finally stop, notice this too. Rebecca (28) also announces in the villa: "If Chiara really stays and then kisses, then I'll go." It doesn't get that far, but the biggest competitor is identified.

Another day, another group date: In the skate park, David dares to roller skate for the first time and asks for support from Angelina (28), Colleen (27), Rebecca, Lisa (32) and Yolanda (26). He gets a warning from Rebecca in private: "There are some women here who don't mean it. They're not there for you." A topic with which she meets open ears at the Bachelor: That is one of his biggest concerns, he explains.

Only one can stay. The skate park gets a new coat of paint with disco balls and red lights, and Lisa and David get another one-on-one date. Deep looks, holding hands, Lisa snuggling up to David, David who then kisses her. The first kiss of the season, however, was an accident. At the Night of the Roses, the situation comes up again. "I actually just wanted to snuggle up, I like that moment before that..." Lisa explains. David: "For me, the moment before that was an hour long..."

A rumor that Alyssa (36) started doing the rounds at the party: one of the women is supposedly only there to become a bachelorette herself. "That's what she told me," reports Alyssa. The viewers don't know who it is. It shouldn't be Jana, of whom we haven't seen much on the screen either - she goes home that evening without a rose.