"The Bachelor": Season opener: A likeable bachelor and a horde of wild women

We are back in Mexico.

"The Bachelor": Season opener: A likeable bachelor and a horde of wild women

We are back in Mexico. And anyone who still remembers the "Mexico City Beach" is officially old. A new "Bachelor" is looking for the woman for the next few weeks after the show finale, and RTL lets us be part of it. David Jackson is the man of the hour, he is 32 years old, half-American. Despite washboard abs and a beaming smile, however, it takes us a few minutes to find him likeable - beforehand he says things like that he is a "content creator" a.k.a. Instagrammer earns his money and lives not only in Stuttgart, but also in Dubai. urgs.

But then, then David shows us his sweet mum and his twin sister and generally presents himself as a surprisingly thoughtful and friendly guy. He also shows himself emotionally in the right places and seems honest. Yes, we like it. Even if he philosophizes about great love from the off while RTL shows pictures of his naked (and we mean NAKED) body in the shower. Did he nod off like that? Hmmm.

Of course, the candidates are at least as important. 23 women line up to court him in the Mexican sun. And, let me tell you, there are some...pearls in there. And as always, the ladies are driven in pairs with the limousine in front of the bachelor's villa, whereupon they have to strut one by one along too long a path to the waiting David. And, it's all useless, we'll now recapitulate each candidate individually for her. If only because we would like to impose our personal opinion on the ladies on you.

First of all there is Tammy from Wörrstadt, 29, small and blond, and Yolanda from Hamburg, 25, brunette, sweet as sugar, but with a voice like a chain-smoking caretaker. Not only is Tammy wearing a strange, rather unflattering little white dress, to be honest, she's also annoying with unfounded exuberance. When David asks her if "Tammy" is an abbreviation for something (it is, of course, for "Tamara"), the blonde refuses to answer him for some reason - as if, in case of doubt, you wouldn't guess it yourself. Best of her performance: Yolanda's heartfelt comments from the waiting car.

Yes, for a moment we're worried about our job, because the woman from Hamburg, who is also the princess of a tribe in Ghana through her Ghanaian mother, hits the nail perfectly with every sentence. "Did she just fix her boobs?" she crows as Tammy tugs at her odd dress. "Nooooo, she didn't do that!!" When David sends his first candidate to the villa after getting to know each other a bit awkwardly, Yolanda comments: "Is she ready already?! Noooo! Is she ready already?!" The meeting between the brunette Yolanda and the bachelor is then much more natural. If you haven't noticed: Yolanda hui, Tammy ugh.

The next two are 28-year-old Angelina from Albstadt - Mandy Capristo type, somehow sweet and innocent, and Fiona from Hamburg, 29, dance teacher. Because Angelina has cold hands from excitement, the bachelor warms her when she gets to know her while she tells him about her life between Lisbon and Stuttgart. Goodness, how much do these young people actually commute around the world at the moment? Wasn't that before? The somewhat unassuming Fiona then comes to the first meeting with a ghetto blaster, because... she wants to teach the bachelor a dance. With a brash tone, she gives him no opportunity to contradict. "She's so cool," Tammy breathes at the mansion (she's wrong).

David remains polite. Does he like the somewhat authoritarian type of woman? Time will tell - Fiona's chances should depend on that. In any case, completely different types are Leyla from Frankfurt, 26, black mane and very full lips, and blonde Alyssa. Leyla describes herself as "crazy and actually funny," and for once that's a pretty accurate self-assessment. The owner of a shop for eyelashes (yes, apparently there is such a thing) seems quite naïve, but at the same time sweet-hearted and open. We can't hate. Funny: Bachelor David sees her and asks if she wears contact lenses - so instead of her lips (not real) he asks about her eye color (real). Guys just cute. Also funny: After getting to know each other, Leyla jumps into the villa and yells so that David can definitely hear it: "Oh my God, people, what a horny bastard that is, I can't take it anymore!"

Blonde Alyssa, 35, from Lohr am Main comes in a short glittery dress and gives David a "funny" pillow, but there's absolutely nothing sparking. The first meeting then lasts only about five uncomfortable seconds. Colleen, 27, from Cologne tries her luck next. The blonde is not only unusually pretty, but also a psychologist – her self-description as "sunshine" sounds strangely understated. The 26-year-old rap journalist Chiara, 26, seems to blow the bachelor even more: The brunette comes in a dress made of very transparent black lace … actually in underwear with a net over it.

Chiara asks David what his favorite sad song is, whereupon he claims to have a whole playlist (leak please, RTL!). Something seemed to be going right between the two. Then comes the pretty but somewhat too serious-looking Mariam, 30, from Vienna with a curly brown mane, and after her 23-year-old Dahwi from Zurich. The Swiss looks very cute at first, but leaves us with a few question marks after her introduction to the bachelor's degree when she is very happy that her name and "David" are so similar.

Saskia, 29, from Münster seems smart and open-hearted, Henriette, 25, from Hamburg, authentic and smart, if very nervous - but neither of them seem to knock David straight away. Then comes Pamela, 25, from Freiburg, with long, brown curls and an oriental skirt. While still in the car, she whispers in panic: "Argh, I'm so blind, I can't see anything! I need my glasses!" eye glasses? Pamela, what other glasses do you have with you? foot goggles? ear glasses? toilet seats?

Completely different type: Lisa, 27, from the Pflaz pretends to be blonde innocence from the country, but unfortunately chooses a questionable, white crocheted outfit and shoes that she has apparently never walked on before. She approaches the bachelor as elegantly as possible, while we learn in retrospect that she is currently still married and left her estranged husband because she found living alone more comfortable than living together – which raises the question of whether she is on this show on this one point in their life is really right?

Then there is another Lisa, this time brunette. 32 years old, from Potsdam. She enjoys motorcycling and travels a lot, which leads to a longer chat with the bachelor. So we should probably keep an eye on Lisa 2. The somewhat harsh-looking soccer player Maike, 25, from Lingen, on the other hand, doesn't get along well with David - maybe also because she kicks him a ball that he doesn't catch. Battered ego and such.

Rebecca, 27, from Schwabshausen, who looks like Blümchen's stripping sister from 1996, and Danielle, 28, from Munich, who looks like a "Wheel of Fortune" letter turner, just like her competitors Nevin, 30, from Cologne, who runs a tanning salon, and Giovanna, 27, from Oelde, type skeretärin with fire in the butt, is eaten relatively quickly either by RTL or by the Bachelor (or both), which they sometimes lament deeply. At the end there is a trio: Half-Cuban Manina, 30, social media manager Xenia from Hamburg and blonde Jana, who already has a child, are added. Manina seems to make the best impression on David.

Phew, done. Sorry for the length, but you must know who you're dealing with here. In any case, we can finally relax our shoulders and have a glass of bubbly - that's what the love-mad ladies and their cock in the basket do, too. David claws straight at Chiara (the rap journalist) and Giovanna (type fiery secretary), even though he has forgotten the latter's name straight away. When asked what the two are looking for here, there is quite a long silence – but then a passable conversation ensues. He then chats with Saskia, Leyla and Xenia, to the dismay of blonde Danielle. She decides to bring him a champagne - perhaps the most awkward performance of the evening as she very obviously interrupts David's conversation. Leyla just wants to know if David likes to watch "Sponge Bob"!

And, tada, then there's actually already the first rose award. 23 candidates, 20 roses. First of all, David hands it out generously – also to Fiona (gosh, why?) and girls like Henriette, Tamara and Lisa1, with whom it hasn't obviously sparked (or, as Tammy calls it, "wiped"). In the end there are no flowers left for the pretty Swiss Dahwi (despite the "similar" name), Nevin from Cologne and Mariam from Vienna. And tears are already flowing with some of the other candidates because they have all become best friends. Oh well.

First episodes are always a bit slow. But what we saw here: potential! Good mix of characters (a lot of love for Yolanda and Leyla) and a likeable, confident bachelor. This should make for an extremely entertaining season!