"The Bachelor" on the Homedates: Finally back home

It's getting private: From the sun of Mexico and Rio de Janeiro we're now going to gray and snowy Germany, where "Der Bachelor" (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.

"The Bachelor" on the Homedates: Finally back home

It's getting private: From the sun of Mexico and Rio de Janeiro we're now going to gray and snowy Germany, where "Der Bachelor" (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL) David Jackson (32) in the home dates family, Meet friends and hometowns of the last three ladies.

Angelina (28) bursts into tears before she even sees her sister and friend. The meeting seems a bit stiff, but David gets full marks from Angelina's sweetheart. Afterwards, they visit Angelina's father at his restaurant, which goes even better. Dad gives his blessing: "The man is very likeable, I liked it." And Angelina also thinks "that he fits into my family." A problem that comes up again and again, but the two constantly avoid it: Apparently, Angelina's little town of Albstadt Jackson is too small, but Dubai isn't an option for her either. In the evening on the couch while cuddling in love, both have the same thought. Angelina: "Now I'm also glad that it..." David: "Say it, I feel the same. That it's going to end soon!"

Next, Lisa (32) is visited in Michendorf in Potsdam. Her brother and her best friend welcome the potential couple for coffee and cake. David feels very comfortable with the "familiar mood" and raves about Lisa with a strikingly big smile. The two hold hands and exchange looks, which the brother doesn't miss either: "You could see that he wanted to..." After that, David is even more taken with the "mad woman." During a walk by the lake, he tells her that meeting her loved ones felt like coming home: "It could have been, you feel uncomfortable ... [...] But it felt like we were just have traveled and have now come back..."

Chiara (26) actually lives in Munich, but meets David in Soest, where he meets her mother, her best friend and her stepfather. She had mentioned several times how important home dates are to her. Tears of joy flow when she sees her mother again. It is noticeable that Chiara and David have hardly any physical contact on the date. After that, Chiara David shows a monastery that is close to her heart. Together they light candles and send their wishes to heaven. "I got to know a completely different side of Chiara," he says. The date ends in Chiara's former childhood room with her famous lemon cake. "Today was one of the happiest days of my last years," says Chiara. David still has the feeling "that Chiara is holding something back" and "keeps a certain distance."

Then Angelina, Lisa and Chiara also get to know David's mother. A very entertaining meeting. Mama Bachelor says that she doesn't know the format that well, "I'd rather watch Tatort". She also has interesting information for women: There is "the twin gene" in the family, which makes a twin pregnancy very likely. And she also tells a children's story: How David's twin sister pulled his penis when he was two years old while bathing, "because she felt unfairly treated that he had more body parts than her." When it comes to helping David with his decision, however, she's not much of a help: "I'd like to get to know all three more" and "I'm really sorry for you" is all she has to say.

So David has to solve his problems alone again. He now uses the principle of exclusion: "It's not about which woman do I have feelings for, but rather where are the feelings weakest?" Angelina gets the first rose with the words: "My enthusiasm for you has increased from date to date." The second goes to Lisa: "I've developed feelings for you and I also know that it's mutual." Chiara is out with it. She accepts the decision with her head held high. "Of course you're disappointed because it's a tough break, of course. [...] But I'm someone who can handle it very well."