Sweatpants: Athleisure trend for the office: How to create a casual office look

Sweatpants and baggy sweaters often heat up the tempers of older people.

Sweatpants: Athleisure trend for the office: How to create a casual office look

Sweatpants and baggy sweaters often heat up the tempers of older people. In Wermelskirchen, a school even banned comfortable trousers from the hips of their students. Reason: The sweatpants encourage the students to chill out. Unfortunately, the headmaster didn't reveal how students can chill properly on the uncomfortable wooden chairs of a German school. And Penne also failed to provide an answer to the question of why uncomfortable pants improve learning success compared to joggers.

There is still good news for all those who find a pinch in their crotch while studying or at work more annoying than beneficial: the athleisure trend isn't slowing down in 2023 either. What it's all about? Athleisure is a creation of the two English terms “athletic”, translated as “sporty”, and “leisure”, i.e. leisure time.

Specifically, it is sporty, comfortable everyday clothing. However, things can't be too sporty in the office, which is why clever fashion designers had the brilliant idea of ​​combining the comfort of a jogging whip with the look of supposedly sensible clothing. This makes even the biggest complainers happy and lo and behold: the clothes cannot promote chilling out. A monotonous activity or frontal teaching is enough for this.

In the office it's all about pairing sporty and comfortable clothing so that it cuts a good figure. Unfortunately, this is not possible in every office. If your employer recommends a suit, blazer

When it comes to jogging pants, you should avoid oversized manufacturer emblems and the pants should be plain - but not the usual gray for joggers. The trick is relatively simple: you pair the pants with a high-quality top, which enhances the joggers. Plain but high-quality pieces such as sweaters made of merino wool are also particularly suitable for this.

When it comes to jogging pants, we prefer bright, monochrome models that have a similar look to chinos. A cheaper model of this category for men is the Ultra Stretch Dry-Ex from Uniqlo. Its back pocket can be closed with a zipper and is made of stretch material. Fortunately, the manufacturer does not use large emblems. Unfortunately, there is a narrow tapered waistband at the end of the trouser leg, as is usual for jogging trousers. This could work well with high boots if it creates a military look.

The dry jogging pants from Uniqlo in a straight fit are suitable for women. They can hardly be distinguished from normal business trousers because they have a crease and are open at the end. Comfortable and chic.

The “Björn” regular trousers by Kevin Trapp offer a similar design for men. The Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper is of course very familiar with jogging threads and proves with his trousers how comfort and style can be combined for men. Thanks to their pressed creases, the joggers are probably the most suitable for the office.

If a woman wants something a little more casual in the office, the model from Nike is ideal. These are more like classic jogging pants that sit on the hips, which is why they are more suitable for combining with a longer top in the cold season.

So we now have our plain, simple and comfortable jogging pants. We now combine them with a matching top that can be a little higher quality. Wool sweaters are of course ideal in the cold season. We want to keep it simple, so we stay in one color and avoid large emblems.

When choosing a color, the only thing to remember is that sweaters and joggers don't clash. Pairing a white top with light-colored sweatpants is not advisable unless you want to appear like a dentist in the office. We opt for more classic natural tones that you can easily combine with jeans or chinos.

A suitable top for men would be this turtleneck sweater from Hessnatur. In beige, it can be wonderfully combined with lighter and darker trousers, but remains wonderfully calm. Of course, you don't want to wear a shirt underneath. A sweater with a zipper on the collar is more suitable for this, such as this model from Uniqlo, which is available in several colors and can be easily paired with a variety of trousers.

A stylish wool sweater in combination with jogging pants is also suitable for women. This cashmere turtleneck sweater from Uniqlo is also recommended in winter. It is available in ten colors and can therefore be combined with almost any jogging pants. It also extends over the elastic waistband of the pants if desired. If the temperatures allow it, a blouse and blazer are of course also an appropriate option in combination with sweatpants.

When it comes to choosing the right shoes, it should be said that they should at least be clean for both men and women. White sneakers work for both, as do boat shoes if you want something a little more casual. If you want to create a more classic look, penny or other loafers are ideal for men. The good old Clarks also combine unisexually with sweatpants. However, men who like to wear Oxford shoes should be careful.

The same applies to boots in winter, at least if the jogging pants have an elastic waistband at the ankle. This quickly creates a military look, which can of course be beautiful, but is sometimes out of place in the office. When it comes to accessories, neither gender needs to worry too much.

To this day, having a beautiful watch on your wrist has never done any harm to either man or woman when he or she rolls up their sleeves. The same applies to the jacket: Of course, it depends on the weather conditions. In winter, longer down or wool coats are ideal for all genders. When it gets warmer again, it can of course also be a trench coat. The relaxed business look is ready.

Contrary to all the complaining of older generations about the supposed laziness of younger generations, who indulge in wealth in baggy looks and do nothing else, the athleisure trend emerged from people's need to wear an outfit in the office as well as in their free time or after sports to be able to.

What, leisure and work blur together? But that's not a good work-life balance. As a matter of fact. Because in 2023, for the majority of people, it will no longer be the case that one partner looks after their home and ensures that the other can enjoy a warm meal at 6.30 p.m. and then meet up with friends for exercise.

No, today a woman and a man or a man and a man or a woman and a woman (simply everyone) work until 6 p.m., then go to the gym and only then order something to eat together and all in an outfit that most of us even wear ourselves washing and ironing! You might think it's scandalous, but today hardly anyone can afford a cozy home that needs to be cared for and looked after.

To the suspicion of some people, young people prefer to afford the luxury of comfortable, non-scratching and non-pinching clothing that is equally suitable for working and chilling out. As is well known, this is becoming increasingly blurred. With that in mind: happy creating and chilling out.

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