Survival format: “7 vs. Wild” starts – with a pack of wolves in its luggage

The third season of “7 vs.

Survival format: “7 vs. Wild” starts – with a pack of wolves in its luggage

The third season of “7 vs. Wild” started on Tuesday on the Amazon service “Freevee”. Fans of the survival format can now stream a new episode for free every Tuesday and Friday with commercial breaks. There will be 16 episodes in total.

After seven individual people were released alone in the first two seasons, this year the change is that seven teams of two have to endure a total of 14 days in the wilderness together in order to win. These include:

The latter came into the team as a replacement after Andreas Kieling was thrown out of production for crossing borders. You can find out more about this in this article.

There are no challenges, such as building a raft or lighting a campfire with natural things, this season. Whichever duo lasts until the end wins. After Sweden and Panama, this time we're going to Canada. More specifically to Vancouver Island – the largest North American Pacific island in the southwest of the Canadian province of British Columbia. On the approximately 31,200 square kilometer island, nature is largely untouched, so there are black bears, pumas, moose and coyotes as well as wolves.

Shortly after the teams have been dropped off at their spots on the beach either by boat or helicopter, the participants go on an exploration tour. They look for the perfect place for a shelter (a shelter that offers protection from the weather) and look for sources of fresh water.

With Rumathra, some viewers may ask themselves shortly after the start whether he was aware of which show he was actually taking part in - and which animals there are. He reacts quite disgustedly to small crustaceans on the beach and insects buzzing around.

Jens "Knossi" Knossalla and Sascha Huber seem to be happy that they were not left alone this time after taking part in the second season. Having a partner with whom you can figure things out makes a big difference, they both say to the camera.

Papaplatte and Reeze go straight on an adventure. On the way inland they literally move over hill and dale. While jumping over a moat there is the first accident of the season: Reeze slips, falls forward and slides his feet into a smelly moat. Luckily he remains unhurt. Looking at these pictures, one can still hope that the duo's daring will decrease a bit. Falls can quickly lead to injuries and if a pair of contestants have to call for help via satellite phone, they are automatically eliminated from the show.

While filtering water, Joey Kelly says into his portable camera that he's excited to see how things turn out with Jan Schlaufen. The two don't know each other at all. But Kelly didn't want to say much more than the fact that the two are from different generations because he wouldn't think that was okay with his team partner. Schlappen, who also happened to be making an announcement at the same time, said he was proud to have such an experienced team partner as Joey Kelly.

Two old survival hands got the most difficult spot: Fritz Meinecke and Survival Martin find it very difficult to get into the interior of the country to set up a camp there. To do this you would have to fight through meter-high bushes, which would take a lot of strength. The problem is that they can't stay on the beach because the tide would wash away all their belongings. So they have no choice but to walk along the coast to find a suitable path. When they finally find a path, both have an uneasy feeling and arm themselves with their bear spray to defend themselves. Fritz Meinecke and Survival Martin are sure that the path is also used by wild animals. They had previously discovered traces of a complete pack of wolves on the beach. They also find a completely mangled animal at the end of the episode. Nice cliffhanger.