Superbloom 2022: Multifaceted festival premiere in Munich

Corona had postponed the premiere of the Superbloom Festival two years: On September 3rd and 4th, 2022, the festival could now take place in Munich.

Superbloom 2022: Multifaceted festival premiere in Munich

Corona had postponed the premiere of the Superbloom Festival two years: On September 3rd and 4th, 2022, the festival could now take place in Munich. Superbloom is a desert phenomenon in which an unusually large number of wildflowers grow at the same time - and so numerous stages sprout from the ground on the Olympic grounds in the north of the Bavarian state capital. These were played by international superstars as well as German acts and newcomers.

The sold-out festival opened its doors with a delay on Saturday morning and 50,000 fans gradually flocked to the site. "I've never played so early," the first act of the day, the German singer and rapper Schmyt, told the audience in the Olympic Stadium. The performances early in the day didn't detract from the atmosphere. Stefan Dettl (41), frontman of the Chiemgau band LaBrassBanda, described the atmosphere during their performance at noon at the same place, "as if it were already evening". "Let's do something like this here more often," said the singer and trumpeter, enthusiastic about the music festival on the grounds of the Olympic Park, which was lovingly decorated at numerous corners with colorful flower posters and sculptures - the visitors loudly agreed with him.

The varied program of the festival premiere offered 200 artists and performances. Away from the musical sounds, the festival-goers could devote themselves to the numerous experience areas with workshops, panel talks or live podcasts. In the Olympic Hall there were also performances by comedians such as Kurt Krömer (47), who, sitting at his desk on stage, complained about everything and everyone and provided a refreshing change from the musical contributions.

On the Saturday afternoon of the Superbloom, the first major open-air event in the Olympic Park since 2016, storm clouds gathered and the music program on the stages had to be interrupted due to the rain. Line-up shifts or cancellations followed and many music fans had to stay in the stadium or seek protection from the wet. Later, however, the sun came out again and acts like the British singer Rita Ora (31), who danced on the super stage next to the stadium, were able to spread the festival mood again in the early evening.

The Cologne band AnnenMayKantereit with raspy voice Henning May (30) meanwhile rang in the evening in the stadium and provided a singing and dancing crowd with their well-known songs like "Pocahontas" and "I'm not going to dance anymore". British DJ Calvin Harris (38) formed the final act on Saturday. While frustrated fans stayed behind in front of the stadium, who were no longer allowed to enter the filled stadium for security reasons, the lucky ones could end the evening to the dance floor anthems of the Scotsman, who played his only German concert this year in Munich.

Festival director Fruzsina Szép explained the delays caused by the storm and the admission stop, both of which caused critical comments on social media: "There are always major challenges at a festival that is taking place for the first time. All measures had to be implemented, because safety is an absolute priority at our festival. We take every point of criticism seriously and will work intensively to improve it [...]."

The second day of the Superbloom Festival started with lots of sunshine, which certainly made up for the frustration of the previous day for one or the other visitor. At the latest as Roy Bianco

After a keynote speech by bestselling author Tupoka Ogette (b. 1980), festival visitors were able to get an idea of ​​Wees' energetic performance. "I can only give back as much energy to the audience as comes from the people," Wees explained in an interview. And that was successful, because at the latest with the last song, the single hit "Control", the bulging stadium sang along loudly.

Another highlight on Sunday evening was certainly the appearance of the Belgian musician and producer Stromae (37), who celebrated the end of the festival in Munich after a seven-year absence from the music scene. With loving animations and sophisticated stage performance, he invited people to dance. It's not for nothing that the title of his most famous song is "Alors on danse" (in German: "So let's dance").

Rapper Macklemore (39) even interrupted his US tour for his German fans and heated up the stadium crowd at the same time with his hits like "Thrift Shop (This is fucking awesome)". DJ and music producer David Guetta (54) designed the conclusion and came up with resounding beats and fireworks. With the colorfully lit Olympic Tower in the background, he said goodbye to the 50,000 visitors to the Munich festival. But this farewell does not have to last long. The good news appeared on the stage screens early in the evening: "See you on April 2.

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