Sunday thriller: Munich "crime scene": ode to the Bavarian grumbler

The Bavarian grumbler is an almost proverbial figure.

Sunday thriller: Munich "crime scene": ode to the Bavarian grumbler

The Bavarian grumbler is an almost proverbial figure. Always nagging, always scolding, always in a bad mood - but somehow he's part of it. The Munich "Tatort" is now memorializing this grumper with "Hackl".

The new "Tatort" (Sunday, 8:15 p.m. in the first) will be an ode to a highly Bavarian phenomenon that Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) encountered in a particularly recalcitrant form: the eponymous "Hackl" (outstanding: Burghart Klaußner) is not a humorous grumbler like Karl Valentin, nor is he a secret and obvious philanthropist like Gerhard Polt - he is more of a hard-hitting nature.

A snappy old man

Leitmayr, in particular, knows this, as he also suffered physical marks from the last encounter with this Hackl. A scar on his finger testifies to this old man's viciousness. And so he and his colleague Batic first have to take a deep breath when they realize that the old grumbler lives very close to a crime scene that doesn't really fit the image of tranquil, rich, picturesque Munich at all.

Because it is a high-rise canyon in the district of Hasenbergl, which is considered a problem area by Munich standards, where a young man dies in a motorbike accident at night. The fact that he was on his way back from a pharmacy where he was getting tampons for his girlfriend is supposed to underline the exemplary character of this young man who - in contrast to other contemporaries from the neighborhood portrayed in the film - must have been a paragon of virtue .

It seems all the more incomprehensible that his death was anything but an accident. Because traces on his retina indicate that he was blinded by a laser - and did not fall by accident. Supported by their colleague Kalli (Ferdinand Hofer), the aging inspectors are now investigating the case, meeting a grieving mother, an overwhelmed mother - and Joshua Kimmich.

Bayern star Joshua Kimmich as a fitness trainer

The football star from FC Bayern plays a mini-role as a fitness trainer, who can't really help the police officers, but at least mixes a healthy shake for Kalli. "According to reports, Joshua Kimmich behaved very professionally and was very friendly," said actor Wachtveitl, who was not with him during the shoot, of the "Augsburger Allgemeine". He "just knows the 90-minute format".

Was Wutbürger Hackl annoyed that the young man was thundering through the neighborhood on his loud motorbike at night? Is disturbance of the peace in Munich enough as a motive for murder? Leitmayr and Batic are now investigating this question - in what may be their last case.

Because the Munich "Tatort" duo, which has been on duty since 1991, is thinking about its end. There are still no concrete plans, said Nemec (68) and Wachtveitl (64) in the double interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine". "On the other hand, you have to say: We're not 30 anymore," said Wachtveitl. "And at some point the question arises in the firmament as to how long we want to continue jumping over fences..." Nemec goes along with it: "Udo is right: it can't go on forever." Before that, however, they definitely erected a monument to the Bavarian grumbler.