Summer trend: Make way! Mashed potatoes! This is how you turn the garden into a fun pool for children

Even mom and dad become children again.

Summer trend: Make way! Mashed potatoes! This is how you turn the garden into a fun pool for children

Even mom and dad become children again. Water slides are this summer's fun tool. There is hardly a garden with a bit of lawn where people don't slide, splash and spray. The PVC mats, which are several meters long, bring the fun pool home or to your own plot. A colorful bathing outfit, a water connection and a patch of grass are all you need to significantly shorten the way to the outdoor pool.

If you want to get a water ride for the children, you should first walk around the garden. Most tracks are between five and nine meters long. So that sliding is really fun, a few meters should be planned for the run-up and behind the end of the slide. Brave water rats like to shoot over the target, in this case the end of the runway. One to two meters of buffers on the side can't hurt either. Somehow the kids have to get back to the start. Since the water slides are only made of a few millimeters thick PVC, only (mowed and as level as possible) lawns are suitable for the wet and happy slides. With the right technique, you land fairly softly if you throw yourself on the mat on your stomach or with a memory knee scrubber à la Erling Haaland.

The highlight of the water rides for children is the integrated sprinkler system. Alternatively, the track can also be irrigated differently. But more on that later. As a rule, water rides for the garden have two filler necks. One for the "sprinkler system" on one or both long sides and a second for a kind of water cushion at the upper end of the track. This should slow down the fastest sliding pros. When buying, you should make sure that the filler necks are as compatible as possible with the hose system. The water can get into the train without a suitable adapter. However, a lot often goes wrong. Another problem: In order to permanently spray the track with water, the water hose must be firmly connected to the track.

The principle of a water ride for children is simple and quickly explained: the garden hose is attached to the ride with a plastic hose connector. Turn on the water and regulate the pressure so that the water lands on the track. Only the film of water makes it possible to slide on the PVC track. And off you go on the wild ride. Which brings us to an important note. Water rides should only be used on the stomach. Brave kids have great fun sliding on their knees. That is also possible. The most important rule of the game to avoid accidents with injuries: Never slide while standing!

1. Intex "Racing Fun" water slide

The Intex "Racing Fun" model is no ordinary water ride. First of all, you need a lot of air instead of water to prepare the approximately 560 centimeter long slide for sliding. Once the "Racing Fun" and the two mini surfboards with handles have been blown up, the water hose can be connected. Due to the gradient at the start, the slide can also be used without a run-up. It's also perfect for siblings who just have to agree on who's going to race to the finish with which board. The "Racing Fun" is almost 120 centimeters wide and weighs around ten kilograms.

2. H2O GO! Double Slip

The price tip in this little comparison. That's what the panties are for

3. Zoomyo water slide mat XXL

The XXL water ride from Zoomyo offers a whopping nine meters of sliding fun. In addition to the mat, the scope of delivery includes two slide boards, an adapter for the garden hose and two plastic pegs to fix the track on the lawn. The water splashes onto the track from small holes on one long side. On the 140 centimeter wide slide there is room for a duel, for example between siblings. Small disadvantage of this slip mat: The XXL model is not suitable for small garden plots or plots of land.

4. Playtive water slide with sprinkler arch

Before the fun, the manufacturer of the Playtive water ride has also built in a little challenge. Because to prepare this water slide for splashing, you need a lot of breath. Both the border and the arc must be filled with air. The garden hose connects to a 1/2 inch valve on the sprinkler elbow. And after that: Let the water flow! A small bodyboard with handles provides additional sliding fun. The Playtive water ride is a solid five meters long. With a width of almost one meter, it is only designed for one child. Repair patches are also included here.

5. H2O GO! 2 water slide

In the final, two colorful llamas compete against each other in a direct duel. The two inflatable animals belong to the 2-seater water slide from H2O GO!. Although it is only about five meters long, it can be used by children from the age of three. The water sprays from dozens of jets at the end of the track. Thanks to a black and white finish line, there is no doubt which llama came out on top in the boozy slide contest. Packed together, this water ride weighs only about two kilograms.

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