Summer plague: drive away mosquitoes: How to protect yourself from biting insects

The warm climate in Germany had a major impact on the mosquito population in 2022: from August the insects were in full swing.

Summer plague: drive away mosquitoes: How to protect yourself from biting insects

The warm climate in Germany had a major impact on the mosquito population in 2022: from August the insects were in full swing. With the falling temperatures, the insect bites decrease again, but many of them can still be found in numerous households even in autumn - however, they are then looking for a hibernation quarters rather than fresh blood. Which of course doesn't stop them from stabbing when a good opportunity presents itself. But it doesn't matter whether it's summer or autumn, nobody wants to be stung. For this reason, we will tell you how to get rid of mosquitoes, both indoors and outdoors.

Especially in the warm summer months, those affected use chemical mosquito repellent sprays or creams to apply to the skin. They are effective for several hours, but treatment must be repeated regularly to maintain protection. The following products are considered particularly effective against mosquitoes:

Insect repellent

duration of action

age recommendation

Autan Family

up to 4 hours

from 2 years

Anti Brumm® Forte

up to 6 hours

from 3 years

NOBITE Hautspray

up to 7 hours

from 5 years

Ballistol Stichfrei

up to 8 hours

from 2 years

up to 8 hours

from 2 years

Doctan lotion for children

up to 12 hours

from 6 months

Note: Please note the warning and dosage information on the packaging of the respective manufacturer.

More protection for interiorsInsect screens are a sensible purchase to prevent insects from gaining access to the interior. They are attached to the window frame with the help of adhesive tape and can be removed again at any time thanks to the integrated Velcro fasteners. There are white models as well as black ones (even for skylights), but they only have different colors for the sake of optics. Ideally, you should also attach suitable fly screens to the balcony or patio door, which can be closed tightly and thus no longer let mosquitoes through when you want to ventilate.

If one or the other mosquito has managed to get inside, you can take further steps to protect your skin from possible bites:

Tips for the balcony, garden and terrace To prevent mosquitoes from multiplying so rapidly, garden owners should ensure that standing water (e.g. in watering cans or bird baths) is regularly replaced - as they are ideal breeding grounds for insects to lay their eggs. Rain barrels, on the other hand, can be covered to keep the effort as low as possible. Of course, you cannot change the water from a garden pond regularly, but goldfish or frogs can help to contain the mosquito population: because they eat the annoying insects and their larvae.

In addition to the insect sprays mentioned above, there is another way of repelling mosquitoes for the balcony, garden and terrace: smoke. This does not mean the nicotine mist of a cigarette, but so-called incense spirals and incense cones. Both products are only ignited and then burn (depending on the manufacturer) for several hours. Mosquitoes are said to flee through the smoke that is produced. However, only use the incense mixtures outdoors and not in closed rooms.

There are numerous home remedies designed to repel mosquitoes, although not as intensely as an insect repellent. However, you do not have to have any health concerns if you rely on the power of nature - such as fresh herbs: the scent of mint and lemon balm, basil and lavender, thyme and rosemary is said to have a deterrent effect on the stinging insects. It is best to place the plants on the windowsills to prevent the animals from flying into the interior.

Alternatively, you can also use coconut oil. The active ingredients contained in it should not only help against ticks, but also against mosquitoes: It is rubbed gently into the skin or into the ends of the hair. The same applies to essential oils (e.g. with eucalyptus, cinnamon or clove aroma), which, however, have to be diluted beforehand. Rub it sparingly on your arms and legs to protect your body from mosquito attacks.

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