"Summer House of the Stars": Patrick is the new Eric

In the morning after the big bang between Eric Sindermann (34) and Katha Hambuechen (27), the fronts are clear.

"Summer House of the Stars": Patrick is the new Eric

In the morning after the big bang between Eric Sindermann (34) and Katha Hambuechen (27), the fronts are clear. The reality actor and the financial analyst are no longer a couple. The "summer cottage" curse has struck again. Already 18 couples separated in six seasons after shooting "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" (also in the stream on RTL). The fact that the separation happens in front of the camera like this is a novelty.

Despite the separation, Eric and Katha still play the first pair game. Even if they run to the arena with several meters between them. But when it becomes clear how the game works, Katha pulls the ripcord. The couples have to explain concepts by pantomime on a surface hovering at a great height. They hold each other on ropes to get to the cards with the tasks hanging next to the platform. Of course, this depends on trust. "He's the last person I would trust," says Katha - and breaks off. The fact that Stephen (48) and Katharina Dürr (39) win the game is a side note.

After the game, Katha decides to leave the summer house. After all, it's a duel between couples, and since they're separated now, staying there doesn't make any sense anymore. Katha parted with her roommates in tears. Most people don't even say goodbye to Eric.

So the post of the problem couple is vacant. Patrick Romer (26) applies very emphatically for the part of the new stinky boot. He has been constantly nagging about his Antonia Hemmer (22) for a few episodes. The farmer thinks he's still at "Farmer Seeks a Wife" where he met Antonia. In the case of the farmer dome show, it is ultimately also important that the farmer checks his wife's suitability as a farmer's wife.

After the pantomime play, over-ambitious Patrick criticizes Antonia, saying that she was only able to do it at half strength because of her fear of heights. "You're perfect, it's been like that since day one of our relationship," complains Antonia. Inside the house, she retreats to the toilet, crying. Patrick is not impressed by his girlfriend's tears. "If you don't get your ass off, that's it," he threatens the "washcloth" Antonia. It is not entirely clear whether he means her chances in the competition or her relationship.

In any case, Antonia is under pressure in the next game. The men have to smash an egg strapped to their foreheads with a ball dangling from their belts in a kind of sock. If you smash the egg, you can ask your partner a question.

Patrick starts again, driven by ambition. He clearly breaks most eggs. But he puts Antonia under such pressure that she fails with the simplest questions. Nevertheless, the new nightmare couple takes the lead. Mario Basler (53) and Doris Büld (52) give up at some point. Mario's soccer buddy Sascha Mölders (37) and his wife Ivonne (42) too. Only Cosimo Citiolo (40) and Nathalie Gaus (31) pull through. Without success.

So Patrick and Antonia won the game, but the cranky farmer is still angry. So the couple is safe from a nomination. That also seems necessary, because Patrick's behavior towards Antonia is a thorn in the side of many fellow candidates. Mario takes on his "son". But instead of washing his head as clearly as he had done with Eric, he only gives him sporting advice: If he puts his girlfriend under that kind of pressure, he won't win a game anymore. Sascha becomes clearer: "You're ruining your girlfriend". But the farmer, who is resistant to advice, attacks Sascha again because he had broken off the game unsportsmanlike.

The soccer players Mario and Sascha put their heads together before the upcoming selection. With the consent of their wives, they decide to nominate each other. What calculation is behind it, is not revealed to the viewers. Both teams don't seem to care whether they stay at the summer house or not.

Mario/Doris and Sascha/Ivonne have to face the ostracism against Cosimo/Natalie, the three remaining couples are safe. The two footballers and their wives each have three votes. In the event of a tie, according to the rule, the couple that was successful in the last game must decide. Patrick and Antonia choose Sascha and Ivonne. After all, Patrick would never vote his dad Mario out.

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