“Summer House of the Stars”: Maurice isolates himself at the “reunion”

One day after the finale of “Sommerhaus der Stars”, RTL follows up with the “big reunion” (Wednesday 8:15 p.

“Summer House of the Stars”: Maurice isolates himself at the “reunion”

One day after the finale of “Sommerhaus der Stars”, RTL follows up with the “big reunion” (Wednesday 8:15 p.m., also on RTL). Frauke Ludowig (59) welcomes all participants in the show for settlement. All participants? No. Two pairs are missing. Gigi Birofio (24) and his partner Dana Feist were not invited, nor were Valentina Doronina (23) and Can Kaplan (27).

Gigi's aggression against Can (and unintentionally against Valentina) had already led to the suspension of both couples during the regular episodes. But even without Valentina, the main verbal aggressor of the season, the reunion was a great one.

There were several months between filming in the summer house and the recording of the “reunion”. During this time, many stories flowed down the (social) media. If you don't follow all the participants on Instagram, you'll have a hard time getting through what's being negotiated in the studio. Edith Stehfest (28) once assumed that Tim Toupet (51) and Carina Crone (33) were not a real couple. And the season winners Serkan Yavuz (30) and Samira Klampfl (29) accuse Pia Tillmann (37) and participant Zico Banach (32) of using an Insta story to call on strangers to "hunt down" their daughter.

Especially at the beginning there is a wild free-for-all. Everyone wants to get rid of what has been pent up for a long time. “You talk at each other, it's incredibly difficult to follow you,” says Frauke Ludowig, who initially gives the guests a lot of leash, whether consciously or because she's overwhelmed. It's only late that the presenter gets the show under control.

Maurice Dziwak (25) and Ricarda Raatz (31) sit on separate sofas. Their relationship did not survive the “summer house of the stars”. “It’s shameful that I let all this go,” says Ricarda now. The audience is drawn into the War of the Roses. So we find out that on the return journey Maurice preferred to talk to the driver about the Schalke 04 results rather than to his partner. He is also said to have gone straight to his parents and not reported in for a week.

For Maurice, it's all a lie; anyway, according to him, Ricarda shouldn't be too serious about the truth. That and the fact that she never supported him on the show was a reason for him to break up. Maurice is talking more and more to himself in the studio. He becomes something like the male Valentina. By the way, he is supposed to hang out with her a lot, even though he still demonized her in the house. So much for the straightforwardness that he accuses his fellow candidates of lacking.

Claudia Obert (61) congratulates Ricarda on her separation. The grande dame of trash TV, who was the only candidate who didn't take the game too hard, appears desperate in the studio because of the deadly serious accusations flying back and forth between the other guests. “My God, my brain is becoming porous,” she moans at one point.

Aleks Petrovic (32) and Vanessa Nwattu (23), the other problem couple of the season, have apparently caught up. The two are doing couples therapy, as Aleks reveals. Vanessa also sticks by him at the “reunion”. She refuses to be labeled a mere victim by the other stars.

At the end there is also some nice news. It was already known that Pia and Zico would become parents. But now Justine Dippl (35) and Arben Zekic (28) have announced that they have not only gotten married, but are also expecting offspring for the second time.