Streaming compact: Peter Pan, a Bridgerton prequel and Russell Crowe

A few streaming tips for the near future:</p>Russell Crowe in front of and behind the camera: Russell Crowe (59) is one of the most successful Hollywood stars.

Streaming compact: Peter Pan, a Bridgerton prequel and Russell Crowe

A few streaming tips for the near future:

Russell Crowe in front of and behind the camera: Russell Crowe (59) is one of the most successful Hollywood stars. Born in New Zealand and living in Australia, he was already on stage and in front of the cameras as a teenager. He became known in Hollywood at the end of the 90s thanks to the crime thriller "L.A. Confidential". As "Gladiator" star Maximus, he won the Oscar for best actor in 2001. The actor is now also directing. His second directorial work is a so-called Sky Original, in which he also plays the leading role. In it, tech billionaire Jake invites old friends over to a poker game that quickly goes from millions to life and death. Rapper RZA, Liam Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky also star in the Australian film. The thriller 'Poker Face', directed by and starring Russell Crowe, is streaming linearly on Sky Cinema and is also available on demand.

Cult thriller: Looking for a life without just striving for money, Anna (Alba August) meets Pastor Sindre (Einar Bredefeldt) and his Pentecostal church in the small Swedish town of Knutby. She enjoys the warmth of people. She decides to work as a nanny for Sindre and his wife Kristina (Klara Hodell Risberg). Before Anna knows it, however, she becomes part of a fanatical cult of brainwashing and sexual manipulation. Murder victims in the community draw Anna deeper and deeper into a web of intrigue and violence. Not only America, but also Europe, in this case Sweden, can serve the true crime trend. This Swedish series is based on the novel "Knutby" by Jonas Bonnier, which is dedicated to real life murders from the years after 2000. The six-part series "The Congregation" is on Magenta TV as a German premiere.

Bridgerton prequel: The series "Bridgerton" with two seasons so far (2020 and 2022) is one of Netflix's most successful worldwide. Now "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story" is a prequel to the successful series on the streaming service. Here fans can learn all about the rise of Queen Charlotte, the first black Queen of England. So the spin-off is neither about debutantes nor about the Bridgerton siblings, who set off in search of marital bliss in London's fictional high society of the 19th century. Instead, the "Bridgerton" creators around Shonda Rhimes tell in six episodes of about 60 minutes about the life of Charlotte, who already appears as a cool monarch in "Bridgerton". "Queen Charlotte" shows a society in which men rule, but in secret women actually pull the strings. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is available May 4th.

Peter Pan remake: Since Friday, the Disney streaming service has had a live-action remake of the 70-year-old Disney cartoon classic "Peter Pan" in its program, which in turn is based on the stories by J.M. Barrie (1860-1937) based. Young Wendy (Ever Anderson) is reluctant to leave her London home. But everything changes when she meets the adventurous Peter Pan (Alexander Molony), who simply decided not to grow up. Peter and the little fairy Bell (Yara Shahidi) invite Wendy and her brothers Michael (Jacobi Jupe) and John (Joshua Pickering) to magical Neverland. However, not only adventures lurk here, but also dangers, such as the evil pirate captain Hook (Jude Law). The movie "Peter Pan

Kummer in the program: After three years, the Chemnitz Kraftklub frontman Felix Kummer said goodbye to his solo project in the Berlin Parkbühne Wuhlheide - or bye-bye. "I like that in a time when everything is available, you do things that are not always there," said Kummer 2019. The RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) made a three-part documentary for the ARD program called " Bye, bye grief". The documentary (from May 5th in the ARD media library) shows footage from three years, looks back on the era of the album "Kiox", and also accompanies Kummer backstage at the last concerts. On two evenings in September 2022, tens of thousands came to the Wuhlheide. Colleagues like Nina Chuba, Henning May von AnnenMayKantereit or Max Raabe were there. rbb television broadcasts episodes 1 and 2 of the documentary on Tuesdays May 9th and 16th (11:30 p.m.). Episode 3 is scheduled for the night of 23./24. May be shown at 00.00. In addition to the documentary, there will also be a 90-minute recording of the last concert (also in the media library from May 5th).