"Storm of Love": Two newcomers join the cast

The long-lived series "Storm of Love" (Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.

"Storm of Love": Two newcomers join the cast

The long-lived series "Storm of Love" (Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.m. in the first) has two newcomers: Dorothée Neff as Eleni Schwarzbach and Aylin Ravanyar as Valentina Saalfeld will be shown from mid-October. What are the stories behind the two roles?

From episode 3,910 (planned broadcast date: October 11), Dorothée Neff will come to the Fürstenhof as Eleni Schwarzbach. As the daughter of Alexandra and Markus Schwarzbach, a great burden weighs on her because her parents see her as the successor in the family business. Eleni now wants to devote herself to this task at Schwarzbach AG, but over time she becomes aware of her parents' unscrupulousness and begins to see them in a different light.

From episode 3,917 (planned broadcast date: October 20), the "rebellious and melancholic" Valentina Saalfeld (Aylin Ravanyar) will also stir up the Fürstenhof. Robert Saalfeld's daughter was left by Michael's son Fabien after moving to Leipzig. She tries to distract herself, but the separation is bothering her and she no longer knows what she wants in life. After dropping out of her studies, she seeks support from her family in Bichlheim, from whom she initially conceals the reason for her return.

Dorothée Neff was already in front of the camera for the crime scene "Dreams" and will be seen in the cinema productions "Der Passfrauer" and "Zerèck" from autumn 2022. In addition to film productions, Neff is also on theatrical stages. Aylin Ravanyar has already taken on roles in TV productions such as "Tilo Neumann und das Universum" (2020). In the theater she could be seen in plays like "Der Trafikant" or "Rage".

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