Steffen Schraut: These are the fashion trends for 2023

Whether it's Y2K style or dopamine dressing - the year 2022 brought some new fashion trends.

Steffen Schraut: These are the fashion trends for 2023

Whether it's Y2K style or dopamine dressing - the year 2022 brought some new fashion trends. But what can still be worn in 2023? In an interview with spot on news, the German designer Steffen Schraut looks back on the fashion year and reveals his trends for 2023. Schraut celebrated his 20th fashion anniversary in 2022, and his designs have been available exclusively from QVC since the beginning of the year.

Steffen Schraut: When we talk about colors and autumn, then a lot of orange. A strong blue or a green were also in great demand. Whether sage or emerald green - the colors go wonderfully with beige or cream, and also with black. We already wore bright pink in the summer and were happy to take the bright color with us into the fall.

The easy blazer made its comeback in the pieces - casually combined with jeans and sneakers. Another trend in 2022: casual knitted cashmere cardigans in special colors such as cool yellow, power green, flash turquoise and soft lobster. Stylish blouses in luxurious cotton qualities, chiffon blouses with cool prints and in a wide variety of shapes were also popular.

Schraut: In principle, everything can also be worn in 2023. Timelessly designed favorites and key pieces are characterized by the fact that they accompany us every season anew. This also plays an important role with regard to sustainability.

Schraut: Fashion should be fun - anything that pleases is allowed. Personally, I like the mix of favorite pieces from all decades complemented with new styles. One should not necessarily follow "artificially created" trends. It is better to rely on your own taste and be inspired by designs.

Schraut: In times of crisis, fashion often offers a salutary counterweight. The year 2022 has given us a real firework of colors. Dopamine dressing was a big issue. In the coming spring, the colors will appear less gaudy and more saturated. Among other things, black can celebrate a comeback.

Schraut: Of course, things will be colorful again in spring/summer. But like pastel - a pink, light blue, mint and lilac conjure up freshness for 2023.

Schraut: For me there are three "basic must-haves" - no matter what the season. And that's because they can be combined individually and quickly, so you always have a suitable outfit in your closet: A perfect white blouse is part of it because it's timeless. Also: well-fitting blue jeans - crisp, but not boyfriend and not sexy. And a light cashmere cardigan. If you want to "update" your look, choose trendy statement accessories such as shoes, jewelery or belts.

Schraut: The skinny is an extremely established fit for trousers and is timeless. The advantage is that this shape suits every body type. The Cargo is definitely very trendy, albeit only flattering with a slim fit. The high waist is stylish but not flattering, I prefer another shape that casually caresses and conceals the leg.

Schraut: I don't want to say "completely out" because for some they simply remain favorite styles. However, what I don't see as a trend are mom jeans - loosely cut trousers with a narrow leg. Cut-outs for shirts and sweaters are no longer popular for 2023 either. Holes as eye-catchers, ripped jeans and the color orange then have a break.

Schraut: Trendy statement accessories such as shoes, jewelery or belts give every outfit a modern touch. The look immediately draws more attention. You have to like that. Statement chains will definitely continue to accompany us in spring/summer - newly staged and in elegant colours. It can also be a little louder with bags and accessories in general, but never intrusive. After the pandemic years, one wants to make statements in the truest sense of the word.

Screw: Try it! Colors, fabrics, cuts. We often don't dare to wear outfits - too colourful, too many patterns, too young a cut for me - and leave the clothes hanging in the shop. Fashion that pleases must be tried on! Until you feel comfortable in your outfit. Because if we feel comfortable with our outfit, we lose all question marks. And then you radiate it. That's why I'm not a fan of fashion dictates. No woman should succumb to fashion or trends. Fashion should bring out the wearer's strengths and make her shine. That's why I much prefer to celebrate well-being with my designs.

Schraut: At the moment I like the look of Harry Styles. He is a chameleon, a one-off, and stands for fashion openness and diversity. His style shows that today everyone can be whatever they want. This is a message that always accompanies me when creating my fashion.

Schraut: You can be curious. I pick up some current trends in my QVC collections. Of course, timeless key pieces are always part of it.

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