"Star Trek: Picard": Return of the Enterprise crew in season three

The third and final season of "Star Trek: Picard" starts on February 17th.

"Star Trek: Picard": Return of the Enterprise crew in season three

The third and final season of "Star Trek: Picard" starts on February 17th. In the ten new episodes, not only does Sir Patrick Stewart (82) return as the title character Jean-Luc Picard, but also a number of his former crew members from the popular series "Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century" (1987-1994) do the honors . This is what viewers and fans can expect in the new episodes.

The third season of the series "Star Trek: Picard" will appear in Germany in parallel on Amazon Prime Video and the streaming service Paramount, which only started in December. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis, making the series finale available for retrieval on April 21 of this year.

The cast of the series "Star Trek: Picard" is being shuffled for season three. A number of familiar faces from previous editions of the show are missing. In addition to the main actor, only Jeri Ryan (54) as Seven of Nine and Michelle Hurd (56) as Raffi Musician return from the La Sirena crew.

But there is a whole bunch of new actors to admire. Leading the way are LeVar Burton (65) as Geordi La Forge, Michael Dorn (70) as Klingon Worf and Gates McFadden (73) as Dr. Beverly Crusher returns from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jonathan Frakes (70) and Marina Sirtis (67), who have appeared in previous "Picard" episodes, again embody William Riker and Deanna Troi, with actor Frakes having a larger role compared to previous "Picard" seasons will take on a role.

"Star Trek" icon Brent Spiner (74) is also part of the party. With the android Lore, Data's evil "brother", he embodies the third character in the series "Star Trek: Picard".

Newcomers are LeVar Burton's daughter Mica Burton (28) as Alandra La Forge and Ashlei Sharpe (30) as Sidney La Forge. Both actresses play daughters of Geordi La Forge. "Outlander" star Ed Speleers (34) takes on an as yet unknown role in the new episodes and actor Todd Stashwick (54), known from the series "12 Monkeys", plays the new character Liam Shaw.

Vadic, the big villain of the third "Picard" season, is played by Amanda Plummer (65), who is known, among other things, from the cult film "Pulp Fiction" (1994). As a guest star, Daniel Davis (77) will again – as in “Starship Enterprise – The Next Century” – embody Professor Moriarty, a hologram that has gained consciousness.

In the new episodes of "Star Trek: Picard", Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart) receives a distress signal from his old companion Dr. Beverly Crusher (McFadden). Although Picard hasn't had any contact with her for a long time, he naturally supports his good friend. The mysterious alien captain Vadic (Plummer) commands the warship Shrike. She's after Picard and his old crew members from the Enterprise days. An adventure begins for Picard and his crew that will forever change the fate of the Federation.

In an interview with the US magazine "Collider", Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton explained that viewers do not have to have seen the previous two "Picard" seasons in order to be able to follow the new episodes of the "Star Trek" series. Thus, all those viewers who should have passed the revival series up to now have the opportunity to join "Picard" after all.

As in previous seasons, actor Frakes takes a seat in the director's chair again. The "Star Trek" veteran directed episodes three and four of season three.

The new "Picard" episodes are officially announced as the end of the series. However, executive producer Alex Kurtzman (49) said in January this year that there could be a fourth season of the series if it is well received by the public. Showrunner Terry Matalas, 47, told EW: "There's definitely a desire for me and a lot of the cast to continue some of these stories."