Stacey Dash speaks out about her opioid addiction for the 1st time

After decades, the actor is coming forward to share another side of her story and explaining why she wanted to do so now.

Stacey Dash speaks out about her opioid addiction for the 1st time

Many people know Stacey Dash from her role as Dionne Davenport in the 1995 hit film "Clueless". Later, she was a Fox News commentator. Many people don't realize that the 54-year old mother of two had a long-term prescription pill addiction.

Dash, who was born in New York City's South Bronx, claimed that her parents were drug addicts. She also said that she first tried drugs at age 8.

Dr. Oz was informed by her that her father was a heroin addict. She also revealed that she didn't know if her mother used heroin but she does know she used crack cocaine and smoked crack. She said she was mostly cared for by babysitters as a child and that she was sexually molested at age 4.

Dash stated, "That was quite terrible and that was something I had to deal with later on, and I'm so glad that I did."

Dash claimed that she was straight-A student and was admitted to Dance Theatre of Harlem. However, her mother wouldn't allow her to attend. "She gave me my first dose of cocaine for Sweet 16."

She claimed that the memories of her childhood trauma did not come to light until she was 17, when she attempted to end her own life.

She said, "I was an angry, angry teenager."

After they arrived at her home and drove her to the hospital, Dash gave credit to a friend. She moved out of her home to be with her godfather who was a drug addict and she began to follow her dreams.

Dash said that even though her family was in turmoil, she didn't want anyone to think she was a victim. Yes, I was a victim of some things when I was young. After that, the choices I made were my own and who I am today is me. "I'm not blaming anyone."

Dr. Oz told Dash that it was the pandemic which motivated her to share her story because she could see so much suffering and darkness in people.

"I don’t want them to live in darkness." She said that it hurts her to see the young children asking for money in tent cities. But I understand what it is like to be in a state of jones. "I feel the pain."

She said, "I feel like sharing my story, letting people understand that being an addict is not shameful." It's okay to seek help, it's what we need. For people who aren't addicts, I ask them to look at others with compassion, empathy, and understanding. They need help. They are in need of help. They can't do it all on their own.

Dash stated that Vicodin was what made her addicted after she was given the painkillers to treat uterine fibroids. These were extremely painful.

She said that she was using Vicodin daily and took 18-20 pills per day. "And nobody knew."

She said that she had lost all her money and that she'd spent $5,000-10,000 per month on pills.

Dr. Oz explained the dangers of her addiction, noting that her vital organs could have been affected. He said, "It's not only the acute episode that can kill you, but the long-term effects of chronic abuse."

Dash claimed that her opioid addiction almost killed her. Her kidneys were damaged and she had to be rushed to hospital for a blood transfusion. Dash's children, now grown, were not aware of what was happening and doctors advised her to quit using opioids. However, Dash continued to use.

She claimed that Vicodin was something she used before appearing on television.

Dash eventually reached out to her sister, her attorney and made an intervention and flew her to Utah to seek rehabilitation.

"Even in rehabilitation... it wasn’t until the past 10 days that I finally stated, 'Oh snap! I’m an adddicted" Dash said.

Today Dash celebrates five years of sobriety . She said that she was clean and added that her parents loved her, but that they were only "just sick".

Dash stated that she wants people to see her differently and move forward in her life.

"I am more content because God is my God."

She said that she mainly wants to make amends to her children and anyone else she has ever hurt.

"I'd like to say to everyone that I've ever been hurt by the way that I spoke things that they misunderstood."

Date Of Update: 17 October 2021, 13:36