"Spare": Taliban statement: Iran uses Prince Harry as a propaganda tool

He would brag about killing 25 Taliban, Prince Harry's critics have said.

"Spare": Taliban statement: Iran uses Prince Harry as a propaganda tool

He would brag about killing 25 Taliban, Prince Harry's critics have said. In his memoirs "Reserve" (English "Spare"), the ex-royal revealed that for him the dead were chess pieces on a board that had to be eliminated. He resisted the harsh criticism, saying on Stephen Colbert's Late Show that one had to know the context and read the book.

But even a week after publication, the statement is still causing a sensation and has global political consequences. The background: After the Iranian regime had the Iranian-British ex-politician Alireza Akbari executed, both Great Britain and other European countries reacted and summoned the respective Iranian ambassadors.

Iran responded to Britain's criticism with a nod to Harry. The UK is "not in a position to preach about human rights," the regime said. After all, as a former British soldier, Harry would have spoken about the killing of Taliban.

"Harry should take full responsibility for supplying ammunition to the propaganda machine of the murderous Iranian regime. While all decent people will reject Iran's lies, many of their supporters will be empowered by the ayatollahs' exploitation of the Duke's thoughtless pronouncements." , said Colonel Richard Kemp, who, like Prince Harry, was stationed in Afghanistan.

Former Royal Navy commander Rear Admiral Chris Parry agreed with the words, saying Harry had unwittingly made himself the regime's propaganda tool. "Despite Prince Harry's clumsy words, it is highly double-dealing to equate the lawful killing of combatants in war with a show trial and political murder by a dictatorial regime," he said, according to the Daily Mail.

"In the heat and fog of battle, those twenty-five didn't count as people to me. You can't kill people if you see them as people," Harry writes in his book. "You can't really harm people if you see them as people. They were pawns to be knocked off the board, bad guys to be put away before they could kill good guys," he explained. Prince Harry has divided his autobiography into three parts, one of which he dedicates to his time in the army.

Sources: "Daily Mail" / "Reserve" by Prince Harry

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