Spanish Royals: Felipe and Letizia in Berlin - "We're finally here now"

Spain and Germany want to deepen their already good relations.

Spanish Royals: Felipe and Letizia in Berlin - "We're finally here now"

Spain and Germany want to deepen their already good relations. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and King Felipe VI did. at the start of a state visit by the Spanish royal couple on Monday in Berlin.

"Spain and Germany can rely on each other," said Steinmeier (66) after talking to Felipe (54). This is especially true at a time when Russia attacked Ukraine, at a time when there was so much suffering in Ukraine, at a time when so many Ukrainian refugees found refuge in other parts of Europe.

The Federal President and his wife Elke Büdenbender welcomed King Felipe VI. and Queen Letizia in the morning in glorious autumn weather in front of Bellevue Palace with military honours. The Bundeswehr Staff Music Corps played the national anthems of both countries. Büdenbender and Letizia wore dark blue dresses, although the shades of blue bit each other. In a black suit, Felipe walked along the front of the Bundeswehr guard battalion with Steinmeier.

A warm start

Before the hosts and guests introduced their delegations to each other, they spoke at length with a group of students from the Joan Miró Elementary School, a bilingual school in Berlin. They patiently had selfies taken and gave autographs on German and Spanish paper flags that the children had with them.

The start of the visit was particularly cordial. Arm in arm, Büdenbender and Letizia left the room where their husbands had previously made their statements to journalists. Felipe thanked for the warm welcome and remarked enthusiastically "that almost Spanish weather greeted us today". In the evening there was to be a state banquet in Bellevue Palace in honor of the guests. Before that, the king wanted to meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).

After a conversation with the king, the Federal President emphasized that the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine was also a war against the unity of Europe. "Our appeal is that Europe does not allow itself to be divided in this situation." Steinmeier assured: "The close exchange with Spain at all levels is particularly important to me. In the future we want to work even more closely on strategic issues and deepen our bilateral cooperation in many areas."

The king appreciates the work of the emigrants

Felipe said he and Letizia had been looking forward to this visit for a long time. "Finally we are here now." The state visit had been postponed by a year due to the corona pandemic. Spain and Germany share many values ​​such as democracy, the rule of law and respect for international law, the king said. "This visit is an excellent opportunity to give our bilateral relations a new impetus."

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia last visited Germany in December 2014. The Federal President and his wife were in Spain in October 2018.

The royal couple arrived in Berlin on Sunday evening. Shortly thereafter, it received 250 representatives of the Spanish community in Germany at the embassy. Felipe emphasized that the bilateral relations between the two countries are "characterized by friendship and joint efforts" and are currently in a particularly good phase.

The king paid tribute to the importance of the emigrants for the image of Spain in Germany: "Your work is valued and respected here. It wasn't easy. You do it every day anew." About 200,000 Spaniards live in Germany.

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