Song: JLo returns three times in 2024

The New Year is still almost a month away.

Song: JLo returns three times in 2024

The New Year is still almost a month away. But it already seems clear that 2024 will begin with Jennifer Lopez (54) in mind. Because JLo will be embarking on an entertainment hat trick in January and February of next year: Ben Affleck's (51) wife will give her fans around the world a new single, a new album and even an accompanying film.

It starts with the song "Can't Get Enough", which will be released worldwide on January 10th. A first short auditory foretaste of the first release is already available. Almost a month later, on February 16, 2024, the second and third pranks follow in a double blow. On the one hand, "This Is Me Now" will be Lopez's first album since 2014's "A.K.A.", released in 2014. published. On the other hand, the corresponding music film called “This Is Me... Now: The Film” will be released at the same time and exclusively on Prime Video. This was directed by Dave Meyers (51, "The Hitcher"), and JLo's husband also worked on it.

According to the press release, it provides "completely new insights into her life: At the same time intimate and thoughtful, sexy and funny, imaginative and extremely entertaining, the film revolves around the highly acclaimed love life of the US singer from NYC." The newly published promo teaser for the album/film tandem also promises this: "When I was a little girl and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said: 'in love,'" breathes Lopez in this. This is followed by some dance choreographies from "This Is Me... Now: The Film" - which, according to the announcement, will also feature some "high-profile superstar guest appearances".

Lopez chose the title of the album and the accompanying film carefully. Around 20 years earlier, her record “This Is Me... Then” was released, with which she also stormed the charts here.