Slip of the tongue in “Betting: “Schweinsteigers” are kidding Thomas Gottschalk

On Saturday evening, November 25th, the last “Wetten,dass.

Slip of the tongue in “Betting: “Schweinsteigers” are kidding Thomas Gottschalk

On Saturday evening, November 25th, the last “Wetten,dass..?” edition with Thomas Gottschalk (73) flickered across the ZDF screens. Right at the beginning of the show, the popular star presenter turned his guest, actor Matthias Schweighöfer (42), into a relative of his later guest Bastian Schweinsteiger (39).

Before the ex-Bayern star took the stage with his wife Ana Ivanovic (36) in Offenburg, Gottschalk mistakenly referred to the actor Matthias Schweighöfer, who had the trailer for his new film "Girl You Know It's True" with him, as Matthias Schweinsteiger .

Apparently still on stage of the ZDF broadcast, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Matthias Schweighöfer recorded a humorous video together in response to Gottschalk's little faux pas, which both ZDF and Schweighöfer himself shared on Instagram. In the clip, Schweinsteiger and Schweighöfer first introduce themselves together as “Matthias Schweinsteiger”. “Matthias Schweinsteiger, Schweighöfer, married until the end of his life,” football champion Schweinsteiger then jokes, before actor Schweighöfer explains: “We are simply the S-C-H-Ws.”

“Allow me, Matthias Schweinsteiger! We wish you a Merry Christmas!”, it says in the accompanying post text. The humorous spontaneous post on Instagram had already been liked over 32,000 times by Sunday afternoon. There is also a lot of praise in the comments section. "The two of them deal with the 'slip of the tongue' in exactly the right way. With humor! Very likeable!" it says. Another user comments: “The silence of men.”

Former tennis star Ana Ivanovic, who has been married to Bastian Schweinsteiger since 2016, also took up Thomas Gottschalk's "Wetten, dass...?" promise with a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post. The former number one in the tennis world wrote: “Welcome to the family, Matthias Schweinsteiger,” followed by a laughing emoji, in a picture in which she and her husband are taking actor star Schweighöfer in the middle.