Sleep well: Extra beds: What is important for baby's first "nest".

The topic of sleeping is without a doubt the most discussed and at the same time the most hated topic among young parents.

Sleep well: Extra beds: What is important for baby's first "nest".

The topic of sleeping is without a doubt the most discussed and at the same time the most hated topic among young parents. Mother A: "Well, how many times did you have to go out last night?" Then Father B: "Why? Our mouse is already sleeping through the night." When it comes to any other topic, parents fill each other's pockets like they do when their offspring sleep. In addition to the sensitive area of ​​"sleeping through the night", the discussions usually revolve around where the baby sleeps in the first few weeks and months. Basically it boils down to three options.

The baby sleeps:

This article is about the second option and presumed preference of young parents in the first few nights after childbirth. What are the advantages and disadvantages of bunk beds, also known as cribs? What should parents pay attention to when buying? And which accessories are really useful?

First of all, you should consider that your baby will most likely not sleep in a classic co-sleeper for longer than six months. The classics are characterized by the fact that they can be hung on the side frame of the parent's bed with two flexible metal brackets. Which brings us to the first important criterion. The extra bed should be adjustable in height if possible so that you can adapt it to the mattress height of your bed. Many babies are "after-active" and easily roll into mum and dad's bed. The smaller the height difference between the mattresses, the greater the chance that the baby will continue to sleep peacefully when changing beds. When buying a wooden co-sleeper, also make sure that the paint used is free of harmful substances and saliva-resistant. The Babybay is a pioneer and has been a popular side bed classic for many years. The semicircular bed with a lying surface of 81 centimeters is now available in seven different finishes.



It is obvious that an extra bed is neither economically viable nor particularly sustainable if the baby can no longer sleep in it after six months. As a rule, extra beds can therefore be converted into a bassinet or a separate children's bed with more or less effort. So you grow with me. Therefore, when buying an extra bed, pay attention to which conversions are possible on the various models and which accessories still have to be purchased for this. Speaking of accessories.

So that your baby does not have to lie on the bare wood or slatted frame, every extra bed needs a mattress. They usually have a removable functional cover that can be washed. If you want to save yourself the search for a suitable sleeping pad for the little rascals, it is best to opt for a complete set of bed and mattress. If you want to bed your child on a very specific mattress, you should pay particular attention to the format. In addition to many rectangular models, there are also semicircular extra beds, for which there are special mattresses. Or to put it another way: the semicircle does not belong in the square. But the mattress is not enough.

This accessory makes it even more cozy in the extra bed:

If you are traveling with an extra bed or want to be a little more flexible overall, you should take a look at mobile extra beds. They offer the same comfort as their classic counterparts, but are a bit lighter and can be folded up to a manageable size. Practical: a mattress and transport bag are part of the basic equipment of this baby bed, which is a bit more expensive. And another important difference is important: extra beds for travel are usually not completely open on the side facing the parents' bed. The side wall can only be folded up. Instead of using brackets, mobile extra beds can usually be fixed to the bed frame with a kind of belt system. A side travel cot from Chicco is available here.

Extra beds are the first choice for many young parents for the first few days and weeks as a small family. Rightly so. Babies and babies belong first in their parents' bedroom. The little cuddly monsters will fledge soon enough.

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