Skin care in winter: use oils for body and face properly

The skin is the largest organ in the human body.

Skin care in winter: use oils for body and face properly

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. The right skin care contributes a large part to a good body feeling. Especially in the cold season, it makes sense to use a rich oil to care for the skin. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr (39), Olivia Culpo (30) and Ashley Tisdale (37) add body and face oils to their winter beauty routine. Some of them have also included this type of care products in their own cosmetic lines.

But why is it important to use rich care products, especially in cold temperatures? In winter, the skin suffers from the constant alternation between cold air outside and warm, dry air inside. She now longs even more for a large portion of moisture. Nevertheless, many shy away from integrating oils into their care routine. They are afraid of oily skin or blemishes. We explain how to properly use oils for body and face.

The skin oil should always be massaged into damp skin! As a result, oil penetrates faster and deeper. If you use oil on dry skin, a greasy film will form on the face or body parts that have been oiled. It is important to avoid this effect.

After cleansing, massage a few drops of oil into the still damp facial skin in small circular movements. Alternatively, you can pre-treat your face with a toner. Cosmetics experts recommend using a facial tonic for precisely this reason: it makes it easier for the skin to absorb valuable care substances.

It is better to use nourishing oils sparingly and stick to the principle: "Less is more". Two to four drops are enough. Rub this in your palms and then work it into dampened facial skin.

The same applies to the best use of body oil: it is best to use your body care oil directly after the shower and skip drying it off. As soon as the oil on the skin's surface comes into contact with water, an emulsion forms. The skin's own emulsifiers combine the two components oil and water. What you need to know about this: Our skin protects itself with a hydrolipid film that consists of the skin's own fats and water. This protective coat prevents the skin from losing too much moisture. If you use a face or body oil properly in skin care, you can support this process.

A high-quality oil supplies the skin with moisture and vitamins and makes it beautifully supple. When buying a body or face oil, be sure to pay attention to quality. Natural cosmetic products or pure, organically grown, cold-pressed oils are usually free of paraffins, silicones or other synthetic ingredients that can weaken the effect of the oil.

It is also important to know that not every oil is suitable for every skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you should definitely avoid adding essential oils. It is therefore best to get advice from a beautician when making your choice. Your skin is guaranteed to get through the winter without losing moisture.

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