Sila Sahin and more: These series stars celebrated their comeback in 2023

Series fans were able to welcome some beloved faces back to the TV screen in 2023.

Sila Sahin and more: These series stars celebrated their comeback in 2023

Series fans were able to welcome some beloved faces back to the TV screen in 2023. Who switched to which series - and why some actors only had a short comeback guest appearance can be found here:

Berlin-born Sila Sahin (38) became known for her role as Ayla Höfer in “Good Times, Bad Times”. From 2009 to 2014 she starred in the RTL series. This was followed by appearances in various formats - and since June 2023 she has been in front of the camera again in a daily series. On “Everything that counts” (RTL) she took on the role of Miray Öztürk. The first episode with her was shown on August 24th. The series comeback is definitely a feat of strength for the actress, because she is now the mother of two small sons. She had “fears and doubts” about her new series job, as she said in an RTL interview.

After all, she knows from her “GZSZ” days that working for a daily series is no walk in the park: “Filming for a daily is a tough, tough job. You’re usually on duty from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.: scenes , texts, make-up, costume, times - everything has to fit and fit." There is neither room nor time for slack. In addition, you learn the text for the next day "and fall into bed dead tired at 11 p.m." She had to get back into this rhythm first. But at the same time, she really missed this routine, a team and the interaction with fans. "It's also a great privilege as an actress to be on air for so long at a time and be cast every day. Who has so many days of filming and can gain as much experience as in a daily series?" In December she announced that she was taking a short break from the series: the last episode with her for the time being will run on January 12, 2024.

The former “Forbidden Love” star Miriam Lahnstein (49) has been appearing in the RTL series “Unter Uns” since October. Filming started on August 9th, exactly on her 49th birthday, which is why there were flowers and birthday cake as a welcome: "It will be an unforgettable day, because I have never celebrated my birthday and the first shot of a new series together." The actress became known as the scheming Countess Tanja von Lahnstein, whom she embodied for 20 years, with several interruptions, in the TV series "Verbotene Liebe" (1995-2015) and in the streaming new edition "Verbotene Liebe - Next Generation" (2021). had. Being part of a daily series again is “a bit like coming home,” she says. In “Unter uns” she plays Patrizia Neumann-Goldberg, the owner of a large hotel chain. It was “a great role with lots of exciting and beautiful stories,” said Lahnstein, looking forward to her new job.

Many viewers know Martin Armknecht (61) as the “Lindenstrasse” villain Robert Engel, whom he portrayed from 1987 to 1992. In November he celebrated a short comeback on “Unter uns”. For a week of events under the motto "Trust me - I am your murderer" he became a criminal. The actor explained in an RTL press release about his guest engagement: "As an actor, I like to work in all formats and like different roles. I think evil is a good thing now that I'm older and can be played in a very multifaceted way."

In January, Susan Sideropoulos (43) caused the “GZSZ” hammer: After twelve years, she returned to her successful series, through which she became known from 2001 to 2011. But the comeback longed for by many fans didn't last long. In April she said goodbye to the “Good Times, Bad Times” neighborhood in her role Sarah Moreno. "I am very grateful that we made this 'almost' impossible, but possible," said Sideropoulos in an interview with RTL. For her, the work was a mixture of emotional time travel and the opportunity to experience the series again in the present and in the now. But who knows, maybe this time it won't be a goodbye forever: "I basically never say never!"

From 2005 to 2008, Lilli Hollunder (37) was part of the cast of the ARD series “Forbidden Love”. In the summer of 2023, the mother of two and wife of former professional footballer René Adler (38) began filming for “Notruf Hafenkante” at her home in Hamburg. In the new season of the ZDF series she took on the role of the ambitious police officer Isabell Nowak. Although her second child, daughter Billie, was only born in November 2022, she wanted to be in front of the camera again quickly: "Of course it was a difficult decision, because I'm not becoming a mother just to give up my children. But I have to "I also think of myself and am happy when I work," she said in an interview with "Bild".

In 2016, actor Aaron Koszuta (29) took on the role of Valentin in “Unter Uns”. But the following year he left the series again. The reason for this was that his character trained to be a police officer in Hamburg. After six years, Aaron Koszuta returned to the “Unter uns” family in 2023 and slipped back into his old role. Filming began at the end of October.