Show master: Thomas Gottschalk: I don't lisp

After the "Wetten, dass .

Show master: Thomas Gottschalk: I don't lisp

After the "Wetten, dass ..?" show, show host Thomas Gottschalk has now made it clear that he does not lisp. "It's always buzzing on social media," wrote the 72-year-old in a guest post for the "Bild" newspaper.

Reason for supposed lisp

"And to the few frightened Twitterers who were concerned that I was suddenly lisping, I can reassure you: It was a technical problem with the sound."

The voice quality of the entertainer's sound had caused some astonishment on social media on Saturday evening. But industry insiders spoke up early on, who attributed the whole thing to incorrect settings on the microphone and mixer.


The second revival episode of "Wetten, dass...?" from Friedrichshafen had an excellent audience rating on Saturday evening: 10.09 million viewers (39.5 percent) were on the screen. However, Gottschalk clearly missed the huge success of the previous year with 13.8 million viewers.

"There is no reason to justify yourself," Gottschalk summed up. "It always follows the same pattern with 'Wetten, dass ..?' ("... first name wrong") and google my clothes. If they had their way, I would have left my job in tears thirty years ago."

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