Shorts: cropped jeans: one trend, many styling options

The English word "cropped" means roughly "cut off".

Shorts: cropped jeans: one trend, many styling options

The English word "cropped" means roughly "cut off". This means all jeans that end just above the ankles. Bad tongues call them "flood trousers", while many fashion magazines speak of modern trousers that look good on every woman, regardless of her figure. Whether skinny jeans or bootcut, boyfriend style or flared trousers: Cropped jeans go with every outfit. But what happens when the days get colder and your bare ankles freeze? There is a solution for that too. The following styling tips summarize how you can stage the fashionable trousers perfectly all year round.

First and foremost, everything revolves around the hem of the pants, which turns ordinary jeans into cropped jeans. Fringes were particularly popular this year, but asymmetric cuts were also very trendy in 2022 - this doesn't just mean trousers that are cut off at an angle: some models are only missing a corner or a circle at the end of the hem. The main thing is that the cut ends above the ankles and immediately catches the eye of every fashionista. On the other hand, if you like it a little simpler, you can simply turn the hem inside out, so every pair of pants automatically becomes cropped pants. To complete the outfit, the models can be combined with different styles:

1. Styling tip: In summer, striped or ringed crop tops in combination with tennis socks and sneakers go particularly well with cropped jeans. Especially if you opt for a kick flare model - pants that also end above the ankles and have a slight flare. The shortened bell-bottom trousers draw attention to your feet, so that lace-up shoes, sandals and ankle boots come into their own. The important thing with this look is that you combine different colors from the same family: i.e. light blue with dark blue or navy blue with turquoise.

2. Styling tip: If the cropped jeans are cut high, the legs automatically appear longer. This effect is further enhanced when you tuck your top into your pants. Pair with a cropped cardigan or a cropped blazer for an office look. When it comes to shoes, subtle loafers can be combined well with denim-style high-waisted jeans, while black models look particularly good with blouses and pumps. If you prefer more boho chic, floral embroidery and cardigans, plain-colored tops and leather shoes are the better choice.

3. Styling tip: Cropped pants are available in different colors, patterns - and washes: Whether vintage, used, destroyed, bleached or stone wash look, there are no limits to the styling possibilities. Another timeless classic is the bootcut jeans, which with their slightly flared legs are one thing above all else: comfortable. Not quite as high-cut, these pants are neither chic nor casual, but a mixture of skinny jeans and bell-bottoms. This makes them a particularly popular piece of clothing that can be wonderfully combined with both simple and eye-catching tops and shoes.

You can use the following styling tips so that the short-cut trousers can also be worn on cold days without having to freeze around your ankles:

Wear high (knee) stockings or warm tights under cropped pants.

High ankle boots cover the bare ankles and go particularly well with skinny jeans.

High top sneakers or rough lace-up boots are particularly suitable for cropped flares.

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