Shoe trend: Vegan sneaker trends 2023: These shoes do without leather

Leather is bad for the environment.

Shoe trend: Vegan sneaker trends 2023: These shoes do without leather

Leather is bad for the environment. Conventional livestock farming releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals are used in the processing of animal skins - both of which contribute to a poor ecological balance. Now comes the big but: artificial leather is not environmentally friendly either. It's usually made from plastic, which in turn pollutes our oceans. For this reason, vegan sneakers are not automatically "better" than leather shoes. Unless they are made from sustainable materials such as canvas, organic cotton, cork or natural rubber. Nevertheless, one should of course not dismiss the fact that it is still better to wear sneakers that no animal has had to suffer for. In addition, there are more and more manufacturers who make their shoes at least from recycled materials. The bottom line is that vegan sneakers do more to protect animals and the environment than sneakers made of real leather. You can find out what they look like at the end of the assembly line here.

The American sporting goods manufacturer is known for its wide range of sports shoes and clothing. But what many people don't know: Reebok now sells vegan sneakers, even if it's not entirely clear whether it's a coincidence or intentional. The fact is, however, that popular sneakers like the Club C 85 model do not require any leather at all. The only downer is that the company still relies on artificial leather instead of natural materials such as canvas, organic cotton or cork. But there are no animal ingredients in the vegan sneakers, from the glue to the color.

The German label is also known for its sustainable shoes made from fair trade and sustainable materials. The sneakers made of organic cotton and natural rubber (FSC-certified) are reminiscent of well-known brands such as Superga or Converse. This makes them particularly popular and fashionable shoes that are in no way inferior to their competitors. With the additional FSC seal, you can be sure that the materials come from the sustainable management of forest areas and plantations and that the vegan sneakers are produced ethically.

The French label is one of the hottest brands producing vegan sneakers: After a total of five years of development, the company has succeeded in producing sneakers from environmentally friendly materials. And although over 60 percent of the substances are biodegradable and the sneakers can therefore be described as eco shoes, they look stylish and modern - and almost feel as if they were made from real leather. And even if the shoes are not the cheapest, investing in Veja's vegan sneakers is definitely worth it.

The American sports shoe manufacturer opened its doors in March 1966. To this day, Vans is one of the best-known sneaker brands around the world. Although the company makes shoes from leather, they offer their customers a wide range of vegan canvas sneakers for men, women and children. Here, responsibly promoted and sustainable materials are used for the production of the vegan sneakers - because Vans also works with various environmental organizations.

The Converse brand is also a long-established company that has been making shoes since 1908. The most famous model to date is the Chuck Taylor All Star - better known as Chucks - and has sold over 600 million. In fact, it is also the only example that can be described as "vegan friendly". In other words, the sneakers do not contain any animal materials. They don't have to, because chucks are by far the most comfortable shoes you can wear (in summer!).

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