Shoe trend 2023: High-top sneakers: These models are particularly popular right now

Sneakers can be found in almost every shoe closet.

Shoe trend 2023: High-top sneakers: These models are particularly popular right now

Sneakers can be found in almost every shoe closet. No wonder: they don't go out of fashion, are comfortable and can be combined in many ways. In 2023, high-top sneakers are particularly popular. We present three trendy models and have styling tips ready.

Short digression: High-top sneakers are often associated with basketball, because the shoe appeared more and more in this sport. Because of its cut as a classic sports shoe, it provides additional padding, cushioning and stability. Similar is its shorter counterpart, the mid-top, which the high-top sneaker is sometimes confused with.

The third sneaker cut are low-top trainers, i.e. shoes that do not cover the ankles. They are also referred to as low-tops or lows for short. From a fashion perspective, it's certainly more minimalist than the high-waisted version, which draws more attention. In addition to stylistic differences and different support, there are also deviations in seasonal use: high-cut sneakers usually keep you warmer than the flat-cut version and are better at repelling wind or moisture. They are therefore more suitable for colder and rainy days.

High-top sneakers take up more space, so they are more eye-catching. These models in particular will be the focus of fashion in 2023.

In line with the retro trend, the high-top sneaker trend 2023 can be classic: Whether Nikes, Vans or Converse, the traditional models always work. Unlined, they are also suitable for warmer days. The classics can also be combined in many ways: They go well with a casual look consisting of jeans and a shirt or with a dress. However, they make the legs look a little shorter than the low-top version, which reveals a little more skin.

This year things can be colorful - also when it comes to sneakers. High-tops with a bit of color draw the eye straight to the shoes. The rest of the outfit should pick up the color from the shoes so that it looks harmonious. Or you can leave the look in subtle colors and draw attention to the high-top sneakers.

But the counterpart to the colorful model is also trendy in 2022: high-top sneakers in a subtle style. Classically, they are rather bulky and a real eye-catcher when you think of the cool basketball shoes. But high-tops can also be worn as slip-ons, monochromatic and more delicate. Of course, this variant can be combined in a particularly versatile way, as it does not specify any direction.

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