Separation: Own show, own podcast, own company: How Amira emancipated herself from Oliver Pocher

It's just under a minute.

Separation: Own show, own podcast, own company: How Amira emancipated herself from Oliver Pocher

It's just under a minute. 60 seconds in which Amira and Oliver Pocher announce the end of their marriage. In the new episode of their podcast "Die Pochers" (exclusively on Podimo), the two reveal that they are no longer a couple. It's time to enlighten people, says Amira Pocher. And it becomes clear that the separation came from her. "I didn't want to split up. But now the situation is the way it is, and then you have to accept it now and see how it goes," says Oliver Pocher.

Amira and Oliver Pocher met in 2016 on the Tinder dating platform. In the beginning it was a game of hide and seek. They kept their love secret for almost two years. Not an easy situation for Amira Pocher, as she recently revealed in an RTL interview. "Of course it's not easy when you're hidden. The most important thing is that you're happy, but it was more difficult to handle," she said about the beginning of her relationship with Oliver Pocher.

At the end of 2018, Amira Pocher stepped out of the background into the limelight: at an event in Munich, she and Oliver Pocher officially showed up as a couple for the first time. "She's been there many times. And if she's always chasing me, then I have to take a picture together," said Pocher, who had always referred to Amira as his "marketing assistant" in previous appearances. After that everything happened very quickly: in 2019 Oliver and Amira Pocher married and became the parents of a son. Their second son followed a year later.

The Pochers weren't just a married couple, they made their name a brand. They have been running their joint podcast since April 2020. A month earlier, they appeared on the RTL show "Pocher vs. Wendler - No more fun!" on. The clear winner of the format was Amira Pocher. Although it was her first television appearance, she won over audiences and viewers alike. "I've been showered with SO much love and positive news it's really leaving me pretty speechless! It was my first appearance on TV and I wasn't quite sure if I should take the step until now but these amazing reactions are telling me was the right decision", wrote Amira Pocher afterwards on Instagram.

The fact that the native Austrian has potential in front of the camera was also shown on the RTL show "Pocher - dangerously honest!", which started in May 2020. The roles still seemed clearly distributed: Oliver Pocher was the star, his wife Amira the sidekick. But little by little, Amira Pocher emancipated herself and built her own career.

In 2021 she started her "own podcast with "Hey Amira". Alone, without Olli", as she proudly announced on Instagram. In the same year she launched a fashion collection and was hired as a presenter for two Vox programs: the format "Prominent!" as well as the show "The Super Twins". She invested the money she earned in a condominium, which she had extensively renovated.

By 2022 at the latest, Amira Pocher finally stepped out of her husband's shadow: As a candidate on the RTL show "Let's Dance", she convinced on the floor and made it to the semifinals. For Oliver Pocher, the only role left was as a spectator in the front row. He also has nothing to do with founding her label "Fayble". Amira Pocher and a partner are managing partners of the company, which sells nail polish and room fragrances. Pocher, who is a trained make-up artist, used her knowledge and built her own mainstay - independent of her husband.

Amira Pocher was also presented more recently on TV than the comedian: As a moderator, she led through the Vox show "My Mom, Your Dad". Oliver Pocher, on the other hand, currently has no television format of his own. Most recently, he appeared with Luke Mockridge and Mola Adebisi at the "Parookaville" festival and appeared silly on stage as usual.

The Pochers want to continue the joint podcast despite the separation. "Hopefully we can do it and [will] continue to be a team. We are still there for you as a podcast couple, privately no longer. Except that we are of course parents of wonderful children," said Amira Pocher.