Scooter: H.P. Baxxter gets reinforcements

Scooter is a trio again.

Scooter: H.P. Baxxter gets reinforcements

Scooter is a trio again. On Instagram, the band around frontman and founding member H.P. Baxxter (58) introduces two new members: Jay Frog (46) and young producer Marc Blou (23) join the long-lasting techno formation. With them it should go into the seventh chapter of the band's history, as it says on Instagram.

With the announcement of the new members, a period of uncertainty for Scooter fans comes to an end. In December 2022, both Sebastian Schilde (37) and Michael Simon (50) left the band more or less voluntarily. While Simon's farewell went peacefully across the stage, keyboardist Schilde wrote that he was glad he wasn't with Scooter anymore.

Jay Frog is an old acquaintance for Scooter fans. Already from 2002 to 2006 he was behind the turntables. "I'm so proud to be back," writes Jürgen Frosch, his real name on Instagram. "I'm looking forward to a great time with HP and Marc".

Marc Blou, on the other hand, is considered a shooting star of the scene. Even before joining Scooter, he was under contract with the Hamburg label Kontor Records, which has owned the band around H.P. Baxxter represents.

Scooter already have their first song in the can. "Waste Your Youth" was released on January 13th. It shall be the first page of the seventh chapter.

Started in 1993 under the name The Loop, Scooter landed a Europe-wide chart hit under their current name with "Hyper Hyper" at the end of 1994. Initially laughed at in the scene and treated as a typical flash in the pan, Scooter has had an impressive career. In 30 years, the band sold around 30 million records worldwide.

A precursor to Scooter was H.P. Baxxter alias Hans Peter Geerdes was founded in the mid-1980s. Rick J. Jordan (55) was already there at the time. In 1993 Baxxter's cousin Ferris Bueller (Sören Bühler) joined, but left the band in 1998. He was replaced by Axel Coon (47), then Jay Frog and finally Michael Simon.

In 2014, Rick J. Jordan, the next founding member and musical mastermind of Scooter, stopped. He was followed in quick succession by three musicians, including Sebastian Schilde, who left in the dispute.

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