Sandra Bullock: Again and again strokes of fate

Sandra Bullock (59) has to cope with the death of her partner Bryan Randall, who died at the age of 57.

Sandra Bullock: Again and again strokes of fate

Sandra Bullock (59) has to cope with the death of her partner Bryan Randall, who died at the age of 57. For three years she fought with him against the nervous disease ALS and took care of him in her house. It is not the only stroke of fate that the actress with German roots has suffered.

In her life joy and sorrow were very often close together. While she's had an incredible Hollywood career and been hailed as one of the highest paid actresses, she's had a tough time privately. She has already experienced some losses - and had little luck with the men either. It is all the more tragic that she has now lost the "love of her life", as she once called the photographer Randall.

She is beautiful, successful, personable: not only her fans, everyone in Hollywood seems to like the star who grew up in Nuremberg. Jennifer Aniston (54) and George Clooney (62) are among Bullock's best friends. But "Everybody's Darling" had a hard time finding the right man by her side. Her relationships, which she mostly had with colleagues, often ended quickly and unhappily. In the early 90s she was with actor Tate Donovan (59) for four years. The two even got engaged, but never got married. After the split, she said: "I've always felt attracted to people who need me." She then tried Matthew McConaughey (53) from 1996 to 1998. He is said to have broken up with her on Valentine's Day of all days. The relationship with Ryan Gosling (42), 16 years his junior, also failed in 2003 – after only seven months.

However, her worst relationship may have been with her ex-husband Jesse James (54), with whom she was married from 2005 to 2010 and who cheated on her several times. It looked as if she had everything: In 2010 she celebrated the peak of her career with her film "Blind Side - The Great Chance", received the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best actress. Their marriage appeared to be going well, the couple having just adopted a son. At the award ceremonies in spring 2010, Bullock raved about James and listened to her speeches with tears in his eyes. At the SAG Awards in January, she called out, "I love you so much. You're hot. I want you!" On stage at the Oscars in March, she thanked her late mother for sending her this man. Barely two weeks later, Bullock's luck turned into an absolute nightmare: It was revealed that he had cheated on her with several women at the same time. Almost every day new shocking details of his affairs became public.

Seven years later, the moderator reappeared in an interview with the "Daily Mail" and showed no remorse: He felt "no regret" about the marriage because life had improved for him since then. He continued, "I look back at other relationships and I'm like, 'I've been an idiot.' What was I thinking? That would never have worked."

For Bullock, the marriage should not only have been difficult because of its traumatic end. She is said to have wanted children for a long time. The actress never had offspring of her own. In 2015 she adopted another girl.

When Sandra Bullock was 35 years old, her mother Helga Meyer (1942-2000) died much too young at only 58 years of colon cancer. Since then, she has spoken about her frequently. In 2010 she revealed to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung": "Helga was strict. And she is still an authority with us today." Her mother was a "pioneer" and always wanted her children to live "non-compliant". "My mother was always dressed very differently from all other mothers. Beautiful, very extravagant. We didn't have much money and she sewed everything herself. Her clothes looked like they were from Oscar de la Renta." Her sister Gesine Bullock-Prado (53) also likes to remind her of the deceased mother on Instagram. She shows, for example, the cookies that Helga Meyer always baked, and also revealed that she regularly goes to colonoscopy. Five years ago, the Oscar winner mourned her father John W. Bullock (1925-2018) and her two dogs, who also died in 2018. At the "25th ELLE Woman in Hollywood Awards" in October 2018, she revealed that it was "some pretty bad weeks" behind her. "So I don't feel good."

Now Sandra Bullock once again needs all the strength to process the latest tragedy in her life and to be strong for her children. The work should be of secondary importance for the time being - especially since she has long since retired from the film business. Last year, Sandra Bullock announced that she was taking a career break. At the time, nobody suspected that her partner was seriously ill. She explained her time off by saying she wanted to be "with my babies and my family 24/7". "I don't want to be tied to anyone's schedule other than my own." When asked how long she would like her time off to be, she replied, "I don't really know." So it could be quite a while before you see her back on screen.