"RTL water games": This is the new game show with Oliver Pocher

The "RTL Wasserspiele" will premiere on October 22 at 8:15 p.

"RTL water games": This is the new game show with Oliver Pocher

The "RTL Wasserspiele" will premiere on October 22 at 8:15 p.m. (also via RTL). The broadcaster promises an "action-packed game show" in which eight celebrities face wet challenges. Comedian and moderator Oliver Pocher (44) takes on a special task.

Seven adventurous games await the celebrities in the colorful Rulantica water world at Europa-Park in Rust. From breakneck races through whirlpools to rides on a free-fall, tube or wall slide, everything is on offer. The participants also have to master a music quiz on their way to the "daring finale".

Laura Wontorra (33) and Jan Köppen (39), the two lead together with Frank Buschmann (57) through the course show "Ninja Warrior", moderating the water spectacle. Oliver Pocher will oversee the competition as lifeguard and motivate the prominent swimmers. In one of the seven games, most likely the music quiz, "DSDS" winner Prince Damien (31) is also part of the party as a singer. A "summer-dressed audience" will also cheer on the stars in their tasks.

"There's also something for the eye," promises Oliver Pocher in the RTL statement in view of the athletic celebrity candidates. "It's going to be spectacular. They're doing crazy things on the slide and I don't think everyone will stay unharmed until the end," predicts the comedian.

Who will brave the waves? Among other things, professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (35), who became known through the RTL dance show "Let's Dance", will be there. In addition, track and field athlete and Paralympic star Mathias Mester (36), who took third place on "Let's Dance" at the beginning of the year and was seen on "RTL Tower Jumping" in June, will compete.

Presenter Lola Weippert (26) took part in the dance show a year earlier, and she has also already gained experience in a TV competition in the water with her participation in "RTL Tower Jumping". The reigning king of the jungle and ex-“Bachelorette” candidate Filip Pavlovic (28), who competed in individual jumping on the show, can also come up with this. Furthermore, model and reality star Benjamin Melzer (35), singer Marc Terenzi (44), "Princess Charming" Hanna Sökeland (28) and actress and model Larissa Marolt (30) will compete in the "RTL Wasserspiele".

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